Write About Anything - a Non-Nursing Article Contest at allnurses-breakroom.com

  1. We are running our first article contest at allnurses-breakroom.com (aka breakroom).

    Breakroom is available for everyone to discuss non-nursing subjects such as healthcare, entertainment, and more in a safe environment.

    For this article contest, you may write about anything - your funniest moment, a how-to article, the greatest moment in your life, politics, finance ... anything. there are no restriction - just make sure that the tone and article content complies with our rules and tos.

    This contest is different from previous contests in that we will select 6 winners.

    1st place: $350
    2nd place: $250
    3rd place: $150
    4th place: $100
    5th place: $75
    6th place: $50
    Plus, all winners are automatically upgraded to platinum membership.
    (a 12 months $60 value)

    That's a total of $1,335 in prizes!!!

    Winners will be selected dec 15th, 2009 - just in time for your holiday shopping.

    Share your articles today!

    Just a few ideas to get you thinking...

    • share your expertise on a subject that's not nursing
    • share your most embarrassing moment
    • share a funny story
    • write a do-it-yourself (diy) article
    • etc, etc...

    • this is a non-nursing article contest.
    • must have a minimum of 500 words.
    • articles must be submitted between sept 10th - dec 15th, 2009 11:59 pm est to be considered for contest.
    • no plagiarism - your article must be written in your own words.
    • articles will be reviewed by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.

    To submit an article please visit the submit general article section at allnurses-breakroom.com.
    (note: you will need to be logged in to submit articles.)

    The 'submit general articles' area is private. only you and the staff can view your articles.
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  3. by   Joe V
    3 Weeks Left Until We Choose Our Contest Winners!

    Have you read the latest articles @ allnurses-Central?

    Some are so personal that they will break your heart. Yes, they are that good. If you haven't done so take the time and read a few. You will be entertained.