June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 11

Arrrrgggghhh! I'm shooting blanks here. I can't come up with a caption. All I can come up with is.... "Quiet! Baby is sleeping." Anyway, I need your help. If you can produce a winning... Read More

  1. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Excuse me, Sir, but I seemed to have lost my way. Could you please direct me to the Shriner's Parade route?
  2. by   MsQueensRN
    I'm a nurse with student loans, it's all I can afford!
  3. by   nicoledyrn
    There goes my wife who just got back from her night shift, dreaming we're driving off on a red convertible on a holiday again. hey, Honey, get back to bed, you're going on a double shift again tonight!
  4. by   Winnurse
    Subjective information: "This isn't what it looks like, so you HAVE to believe me!"
  5. by   nicoledyrn
    NURSE: Where am I?
    HUSBAND: Honey, you just got back from your night shift, and you're dreaming you're driving off on a red convertible on a holiday again. Now, get back to bed. You're still going on a double shift tonight!
  6. by   Joe V
    Update (Jun 19)

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  7. by   Joe V
    Last call! Get your votes in.
  8. by   Alicia777
    "Did you see the email? There's a parking discount for smart cars."
  9. by   BSNbeauty
  10. by   estoquodes
    "Become a nurse, they said. Great pay, they said."
  11. by   Joe V
    Update (July 11)

    Congratulations azhiker96!

    You won $100! Your entry was selected by the community as the best caption.

    The cartoon can be viewed at Budget Cuts, Downsizing, and Nurse's Innovative Ideas.