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on tuesday, july 17, the house appropriations committee posted online the proposed, fiscal year (fy) 2013 spending bill for the departments of labor, health and human services, education and related agencies, available here: [color=#00659c]

this bill is a devastating attack on health services research funding.

among the many cuts to public health programs and policy riders, the bill "terminates" the agency for healthcare research and quality (sec. 227), zeroing out its budget entirely. this is the first such attack on ahrq funding in nearly two decades.

ahrq funds research and programs at local universities, hospitals, and health departments that improve health care quality, enhance consumer choice, advance patient safety, improve efficiency, reduce medical errors, and broaden access to essential services. it is a major funder for the work of our field. in a 2006 survey of academyhealth members, 42 percent of respondents reported receiving research support from ahrq. many, many more have expanded their skills and research capacity through ahrq's training programs and professional development opportunities.

but ahrq is not the only target. the bill also prohibits funding for patient-centered outcomes research (sec. 217). this pcor prohibition would extend to any federal agency in the subcommittee's jurisdiction, including the national institutes of health (the veterans health administration would not be subject to the provision, as their budget is in another subcommittee's jurisdiction). nih funding otherwise remains unchanged, but funding for cdc and samhsa are cut by 10 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

we must act to defend and preserve research funding...

to read more, please go to:

Vicky- I read through this very briefly but it seems like Congress is going to great lengths to show it's lack of support for the president, avenge the passing of the ACA- which took a suprise turn when the 5th Judge voted pro- ACA.

I am alittl baffled at how our US healthcare world is going to function with out the AHRQ. It that to mean that Evidence based practice and quality patient care initiaves are going to cease? I did see that provsion was made for Nursing Research

For the entire bill over all- I am unaware of what the previous monies were avail to each area. It seems like the NIH, ONCIH had remained somewhat intact. But I have to say- it seems like the focus is on HIV, monies are still provided for Mental health, and substance abuse. I know I'm not grasping the good majority of this bill- I will look up what this Sect 4002 is as it seems to be a real thorn for one side but I'm not sure whose's.

It does seem like there is focus on Bioterrorism- chemical and biologic , PH emergency preparedness. it seems like the CDC was slightly dented in it's mones to infectious disease but it seems like they beefed up the zoonotics- do they expect alot of animal and bug bites in Washinton?(LOL)

What is going to happen to the PH initiatives and preventative health care reform that Sec. Sebilius rolled out in the winter of 2011? It seems like if she wants to travel any where for official business in the USA she will be doing it on her personal dime and if she needs to travel abroad for offical reasons- she will need to notify Hilary Clinton( as Sec of State) first who the bill expects to ok it.. I'm not sure I agree with money being put out for renovations to oversease places where the Sec, Sebilius or her reps would have to officially travel to- I guess that depends on if it were a grass hut or not. This may have not relivance to this issue or even be in the same budget, but I do know that our military when sent on missions- not afghanistan or Iraq, are in need of medical care- we(the US) have what is called official*** safe houses where the most medical care they can recieve is IVF, But I dont think Sec Sebilius would be traveling there, too remote.

Either way, I think that this is in retaliation to the passing of the ACA. It will be interesting to see, if Obama looses the election, if a republican wins- the bill being modified and re vamped.

What is this going to do to all the CRA and CRC's- is a good protion of investigational drugs and medical equipment goverment or private funded? or doe it depend on where the research study is being done- Pharmaceutical co. or university, hospital based?

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