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Does anyone know what the new rate of pay is in Alberta Canada? I heard they got a raise a while ago? I can not find it anywhere?


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I've heard it is 32 CAD/hr


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It is 32 and a bit, but that is after 9 years of experience so you wouldn't make that if you are new. It works out to a little over 60 000$ a year without OT. But they also have no provincial taxes and got some other benefits in the deal (like employer matching their RRSP contributions or something). Keep BC in mind. We should be getting a raise soon....Or I'll meet you in Alberta wink.gif


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Hi, I was actually just wandering which position you are inquiring about, such as rn/lpn etc...


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Sorry I am inquiring about RN. I am a new grad nurse in Ontario and I make $20.50 an hr. $30 is the top amount. Thank you for responding.


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I am surprised to hear about how much you said you're earning in Ontario. As far as I know, you guys have the highest pay in Canada. I am working in Alberta right now and our pay here starts at $24 - $32

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