Alberta job market LPN's?


Hello all!

I a'm an ontario RPN considering moving to Alberta. I wanted to ask what the current situation is in regards to LPN jobs. I would be happy to work in any area or specialty. I want to start the process for my licensing in AB but it's a bit scary knowing I could be paying all this money to be licensed in another province and unable to find a job. I'm assuming it would be more difficult for me as they will prefer Alberta LPN's over someone coming from out of province?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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The current market is terrible due to the downturn in oil. There are more applicants than jobs, so unless you have a written offer, do not move.

I predict that AHS and Covenant Health will quietly close beds and leave positions unfilled as the situation worsens. Both health authorities were tight with money when they had a surplus of it. Currently, Alberta is around 20 billion dollars in debt.

The other trend I've noticed is that positions aren't replaced when nurses retire. We all work short. Unfortunately for new grads and nurses in general, positions will be slim across the country.

Take anything you can get to build experience. Consider working rural/ small towns. There is always a need in under served areas.


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Vacancies are posted but not filled.

Temp lines end, no replacement staff and then, all of a sudden a new temp line is created.

My my unit is short 1.4 LPN lines. The part timers and casuals are expected to cover the missing bodies.

Its grim for new grads.

Specialties? People are lucky to get hired by the float pools. AHS won't invest in many outsiders for specialty training when existing staff want the training