1. I have just a little way to go on my pre-reqs... almost time to complete my application for the nursing degree via distance learning from UAA. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions... How much was the cost of attending at UAF, per semester. Books and tuition, labs and such. I live at home so I will not be needing to live on campus. Any insight on the basic cost for a resident of Alaska would be extremely helpful. I need to have a guesstimate on cost per semester, so I know how much to set aside.
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  3. by   ChiChiMungo
    I don't have any info for you other than their website states the cost per credit. It would be between 165 to 200 per-credit depending on the class. And their Schedule for the nursing program is on the website so you could do the math per semester. I do not believe any nursing classes are above 200 level So 200 per credit would probably be the most expensive class. 200x5 is 1000 for that class or can do the math lol Either way do you know anybody who has gotten excepted? We are moving there in three months and I had to withdraw from the nursing program I'm currently in due to cost and moving (ARMY). I am so nervous that I am not going to get in and be stuck for three years without a nursing degree. I read they only accept 16 sstudents a year and they take local first.