Moving to Anchorage in Jan-Feb '17

  1. Hi, I am AN RN with 3 yr med-surg experience on a very busy floor, 2 years office RN & telephone triage experience, and will have close to 2.5 yr experience in a small community hospital Pre/Post (PACU) when I arrive.

    I am basically just looking for any recommendations on places of employment where people are really liking their work environment, and that is a safe place to work for your nursing license and for patients.

    I am also wondering about what I should expect for pay.

    Any opinions, good/bad are welcome. I know most hospitals or places have that "one" area or floor to stay also way from. Thanks in advance! (oh btw, I don't really have a preference for a specific area or specialty of nursing..I am open to anything).
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  3. by   OutOfStater
    Providence or Alaska Native are "the" places to work in town. I can't tell you specifics unit wise (I am just starting to work as a RN in town now myself).

    Pay for new grads is ~$33 an hour base, so with experience I'd imagine you should be above $35 for sure when you start.

    Sorry I can't be of more help!
  4. by   sameasalways
    thx, I make almost 34/hr here and I heard Cola was higher there... I will definitely be disapointed if I don't make more there. It looks like getting a Nursing license transferred is more complicated than it was here, as NC and VA are compact states. I read something about having to get a letter from a supervisor or something of that nature as part of getting the license to transfer. Seemed a little different, and I wondered how long it would take to get an active license for AK due to that.
  5. by   sameasalways
    New grads make about 22/hr here..(just as a reference point).
  6. by   OutOfStater
    I believe most AK license transfers are pretty quick, but I am unsure of the details. It's mostly some paperwork and some cash, the licensing board themselves seems pretty on top of it.

    I'd be shocked if your not making more here (likely considerably more).
  7. by   sameasalways
    Thanks I appreciate it. So far, I enjoy pre-op the most and PACU is okay. Of course always better than working the floor. Office work was okay, but I missed the hands on care I have now. Hoping for an outpatient surgery center of some sort, up there.
  8. by   OutOfStater
    Sorry for the much later reply, but may look into Alaska Surgery Center. Google should reveal several others as well.