Interview at Providence Hospital in Anchorage

  1. Hi All,

    I am a new grad and i am moving to Anchorage in 2 weeks and I have a phone interview for the Resident Nurse position in the NICU at Providence hospital in Anchorage. I am so excited for the opportunity. I am a little nervous. I haven't had a job interview in a long time and I am just looking for advice. If there is anyone out there that has applied for their new grad positions and could share some insight i would be so grateful. Thank you
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  3. by   OutOfStater
    Sorry I can't help you in the job interview department, but good luck! I'm planning on applying for the same position come summertime! Let us know how it goes!!
  4. by   ScrubGirl88
    Well, I had the interview today. I was told by the HR recruiter a couple weeks ago that the interview was just going to be a basic phone interview and if i made it pass that round it would be a panel interview.... and when I got a call it was a full panel interview, with the nurse manager and 3 other staff members. I almost pooped my pants i was so excited and nervous. I was not mentally prepared lol but i calmed myself and answered the questions the best i could. I felt weird because it was not the most personal interview I have been apart of.... you can't pick up on the visual ques.. but they all seemed happy and very friendly. They answered my questions had about the new grad program and said I would here back sometime early next week from HR. .....and then bam 28 mins later it was over LOL I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity I had today, I pray I get it. Best of luck to you OutOfStater!!!!
  5. by   ScrubGirl88
    Well I got a second interview!
  6. by   OutOfStater
    Awesome!!! Sounds like your first interview (obviously) went well!! Is the second interview via phone as well or do they do Skype or something similiar?

    Rooting for you!
  7. by   ScrubGirl88
    Well I got the Job!!!! The 2nd interview was a FaceTime interview since I'm out of state. It was nice being able to see the faces of the interviewers. The 2nd interview was a lot easier since the questions where a little more personal like " why Nicu?"
  8. by   OutOfStater
    Yayy!!!! Congratulations!! I'm glad to hear the second interview is a little more laid back. Did they give you a start date? I hear they start pretty far after graduation for most folks.
  9. by   ScrubGirl88
    Best news of all I passed my NCLEX YESTERDAY! I start the job on Monday!! If you have any questions when it comes time to interview or take your Nclex Message me and Ill give you my Email <3
  10. by   OutOfStater
    Congratulations!!! I hope orientation goes well for you! How are you liking AK?
  11. by   ScrubGirl88
    Im really loving the cold! I am not a fan of these crazy icy roads LOL.
  12. by   OutOfStater
    The ice isn't as bad usually! It's been a real warm and icy winter so I've heard from family. I'm glad your liking it though! Best of luck as you start and keep us updated!
  13. by   SORN
    Congrats!! NICU is my dream! How do you like it so far?
  14. by   ScrubGirl88
    Sorry, i havent been on in a while, busy with the new job LOL. I love it so much. Almost 6 months in now. So amazing!!!