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My husband is graduating with his RN in Nov. We are seriously wanting to move to Alaska by March or April. He has talked to one Travel Nurse Company ( I can't remeber the name American something I... Read More

  1. by   DLStamper
    GatorH, you sound like maybe from UF area. Alaska will definitely be different. I drove up to Soldotna AK in 2001 from Gainesville FL. Took me 6 days avg. 800 miles a day. It was a great trip. I loaded up my 12 yr old and everything I could get in my van. Was there from 1st of June till 1st of Oct. Would have stayed longer if not for 9/11. I am also a new RN this past May. I would not go travel right off the bat. Too much more to learn. Anyway if you just go get a staff position I would try for a job on the Kenai. Check out the web site for Central Kenai Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna. I want to go back, I loved it up there. Loved the fishing and the outdoors. The milepost is the way to go. Go look for it in Barnes & Noble. They have some but cheaper to order online.Good luck
  2. by   Coldfoot
    Well, I'll give you what info I can, more on the Alaska side than the RN as I was a Flight Medic and Remote Medic up there for several years before moving 'outside' (anywhere NOT Alaska) in '05.

    Anchorage will probably be the best place to start for your family. There is a saying among Alaskans about Anchorage, "The best thing about Anchorage is it's so close to Alaska." It's a true city and has a lot of the amenities most people associate with cities. It's fairly far south so you don't get the really brutal weather extremes like Fairbanks or farther North, and there are several hospitals, not to mention a plethora of clinics where he could find work. Also, you drive 30-45 minutes and you are in the 'wild'.

    My family and I made the drive, crossing the border September 14th 2001. As has been said, it's a beautiful trip but long and can be hard on vehicles. I REALLY wouldn't recommend it this year as the winter weather will be moving in. As has been mentioned, airlines are pretty good with animals and the Alaskan carriers are very well versed.

    I didn't catch if anyone answered your question but 'The Bush' generally refers to the 95% of Alaska that is not on the road system.

    One other thing I recommend people that are moving up North and not into Anchorage is be sure to ask about water when you are looking for housing. That is 1: Is there running water? 2: Is it well, city, or delivery?

    Good luck
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    Quote from Dakkon76
    I guess I'd start by asking the question... how did you come to this broad generalization?
    LOL, don't take it so seriously. But since I've been married for 10 years, I can totally appreciate where the OP is coming from.
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    Fairbanks Memorial is hiring right now... I live in North Pole (right outside of Fairbanks). It is a little more spendy than other areas in the state, but you get a semi-city life. The darkness probably takes getting used to, I have lived here my whole life. The pay is good from what I understand. Crating your dog on an airplane isn't as bad as it sounds. I worked for Alaska Airlines for years and they are very good with animals. Generally you will have to get your dog between flights so make sure you talk to the ticket agent about layovers. You need to make sure they have food and water for the flight. And most times if it is a sweet dog the agents tend to talk to them and comfort them while in the baggage handling area. I don't suggest driving with small children, though I have never done it... It's cold and dark and the roads leave something to be desired. If you do, MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE SUMMER! I like it here, and am starting my pre reqs to get into the satellite UAA nursing program offered here in Fairbanks.

    Oh also, there are plenty of other CLINIC settings in the Fairbanks area that pay well and one nursing home (Denali Center) that pays GREAT!
    Hope this helps!!!
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