Whats the difference for attended and independant study for Alabama

  1. Need attended ceus 24 credit hours and not sure what Alabama board of Nursing considers independent study vs attended.
    Attended continuing education activities are
    • Classroom, workshop, seminar, satellite, web cast, internet, correspondence, a learning module and teleconference are considered attended continuing education activity
    Independent study is continuing education contact hours awarded by an ABN provider for these activities:
    • The development and oral presentation of a paper before a professional or lay group on a subject that explores new or current areas of nursing theory or practice.
    • Continuing education earned from a journal that is online or in print.
    • Authoring or contributing to an article, book, or publication; or designing or conducting a research study
    ive done some from http://www.capefearvalley.com/outrea...es/modules.htm are they good to go
    are they Attended or Independent please help
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Looks like they consider those to be attended, based on the definitions provided. Best bet might be to send an email to your BON just to be sure. I'll move this to the Alabama Forum so that you get more feedback.
  4. by   AlabamaLegalRN
    Hi there, yes, it is difficult to decipher. I did most of my CEU credits online and they counted as attended because they were considered "webcast". The best bet is to find a couple of websites that offer courses that are approved, then ask the ABON if they approve them as attended courses. Then you won't waste your money. Good luck.