Wallace State Nursing Class of 2013 (starting in Spring 2012)

  1. I received my acceptance letter in the mail today. Stoked is an understatement more like shocked actually because I only had 161 points accumulated with my grades and TEAS score. I had it in my head since applying that I wouldn't get in considering the cut off for Spring 11' was 165 points. Nonetheless, I am in and very happy! I wasn't expecting the letter until the end of this month because that's when they said they would send them out. I had previously applied to the Dental Hygiene program for Fall 2011 but was #46 and they only take 30 students. Dental Hygiene has always been my first choice with Nursing second, now I am stuck between accepting the Nursing offer or waiting another year to go back to Dental Hygiene which I know I would get in this time around because I have good ACT score and I finished all the pre reqs (I was missing two when I applied the first time)
    Anyone else out there that is starting the Nursing program at Wallace State Hanceville in the Spring of 2012?
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  3. by   cpl_dvldog
    Nursing school is such an intense program I don't recommend anybody even attempt it unless they are 100% sure that is exactly what they want to do. It will consume your life for the next 5 semesters. One question to ask yourself is, depending on your age, do you want to do nursing for the next 30+ years? If the answer is no then choose what you do want to do. No need it taking a nursing seat away from someone that does.
  4. by   NikkiMac
    I am 33, started college in 2004, went for a year and stopped. Started back in October of 2010, finished all the pre reqs for most any medical program. When I started school in 04 I wanted to be a Nurse, I have wanted to be a Nurse my whole life up until a conversation with my Grandmother who is a retired Dental Hygienist of 50 years. The thing that I like about Dental Hygiene is the fact that you can work part-time if you want to. Most DH's work for several different practices a couple of days per week to get a full week. Is the same true for an RN? I have a couple of weeks before I have to commit to the Nursing program and I definitely want to give another student a chance if I can't make a concrete decision. Thank you for your input
  5. by   cpl_dvldog
    Sorry I did not respond sooner. Working at multiple locations is very difficult as an RN. You will typically be required to work rotating weekends anyplace you go. Unless you are PRN you will be given a schedule to work.
  6. by   HM-8404
    Did you decide to go into nursing? I just got my acceptance letter for this Fall and was wondering what the first semester class schedule is like. Is it 4 days a week, how do the instructors seem to be, etc?

    I have been accepted into two totally different programs, WSCC ADN and UAB RT programs. I am waiting for one more letter before I make my final decision on where I will go.

    Any info you can give me about the program at WSCC would be much appreciated.