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has anyone recieved their acceptance letter? I have called and they told me the middle of July which makes no sense because classes start Aug 15! Why does it take so long? I am nervous and anxious!... Read More

  1. by   4TheTide
    Congrats, LLL! What a great dilemma to have The schedule I have shows NUR102 - Fundamentals - Thursday 8-10:50, NUR103 - Health Assessment - Thursday 12-2:50, and NUR104 Pharmacology Tuesday 12-2:50. There is a lab required, but there are a couple of slots for that, but it is 3-1/2 hours. As far as clinicals, I have no idea. Hope this helps.

    I just hope I get my letter tomorrow. I'm just afraid they lost something of mine and I was disqualified or something. Don't know if they would waste the time of sending a letter if that happened. Did you try for the LPN or RN program? How many points did you have?
  2. by   momof2divas
    Thanks ladies for the support! Hey I will send you guys a pm it will have my cell phone number. My name is Michele and I want to keep up with you guys because if there is anything I can do to help I will. 4thetide I am going to pray you get it tomm. I am going to call on Monday to find out what I need to take to either re-apply or transfer to UAB because my neighbor who is an Rn went there and they solely rely on GPA. Texabama you can fill me on it what's what and what I need to prepare for! You better keep us posted girl! If anything it was good to meet you ladies so everything does happen for a reason. Much love and look for you PM and keep me posted......Much love Michele
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  3. by   greysanatomyfan
    Congrats to those who got in and for those who didn't, keep your head up. They had a lower amount of spaces this year I believe because of the economy. Don't give up!!! I would be glad to help you guys in any way. I believe our class will be talking to the new admits about a mentor program at orientation, so I look forward to seeing you there. Also, you guys private message me your real info and we can keep in touch!
  4. by   4TheTide
    Oh, Michele you are such a sweetie! Please do keep your head up and push forward! Thanks for your prayers for me. I just want to know.

    How do I check for PMs? Will they come to my email or to this site somewhere?

    Lady3dd, if I don't receive my letter, do you know why that would be? There was a little malfunction with a prior transcript, but the admissions lady assured me -- on deadline day -- that they had received it. I'm afraid that she just told me that and I was disqualified. Anyway, I'm hoping I'm worrying for nothing.
  5. by   texabama
    Hi Guys, How do you pm? I will pm (as soon as I fiqure it out) my # so we can get in touch. Thank you for the congrats, Tide I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Where do yall live? Mom keep your head up! Catherine
  6. by   4TheTide
    I'm trying to figure out how to PM too I live in Sylacauga. Mail hasn't run yet this morning.
  7. by   momof2divas
    4thetide I am anxious for you! I want to hear that you got in! Hey ladies I did send you guys a PM. You probably will see me on campus. I am going to talk to the counselor on Monday and working on Plan B. As I said before keep me posted on what clinicals are like and everything. I am really happy for you guys! Texabama are you getting your supplies already or do you have to wait for orientation?
  8. by   momof2divas
    Hey 4thetide I am anxious too for you! I keep checking to see if you posted that you got in. I think I will not be calm till I hear you got it! LOL. Texabama you got throw up some prayers for her! Hey just sent you guys a PM let me know if you got it. I am exicited about my plan b will keep you posted. Let me know about school and all the funny stories! When you ladies need a nite out call me! LOL!!!!!!
  9. by   4TheTide
    Hey there! Sorry I'm just posting. My mail lady FINALLY decided to deliver my mail today at 6:00. However, still no letter. I'm really scared now that I was disqualified and they didn't bother to send out a letter to let me know. I am just really bummed. If I had gotten a denial letter, I could've dealt with that eventually, but to think that b/c they misplaced my transcript, I wasn't even considered is going to sting. I don't know what to do. I have 150 points out of 170 for the LPN, so I feel like that would have been a competitive score.

    Momof2divas, please tell me about your plan B. I'm excited to hear about it. Hope I will see you on campus.
  10. by   Cadnac22
    My plan b is right now I am retaking a&p 2 to get an A, this fall I am taking micro to get an A, and in the spring I'm retaking a&p 1 to get an A ....LOL, and that's how it goes... Hope for the best!
  11. by   4TheTide
    Sounds like a good plan B. Are you taking A&P 2 right now? Are you on the C'burg campus? I'm taking Ms. Waites A&P 1 right now and will take A&P 2 this fall. So far I have an A Where do you live?
  12. by   Cadnac22
    Yes I am at cburg campus with ms waites... I have a 98 in it right now.. I live in westover, right past Chelsea. Where do you live??
  13. by   Cadnac22
    I have studied my booty off though LOL.. Summer class is no joke! Plus I work full time so that makes it even more difficult, but I love ms. Waites! I have learned alot! I hope micro doesn't kill me this fall.