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has anyone recieved their acceptance letter? I have called and they told me the middle of July which makes no sense because classes start Aug 15! Why does it take so long? I am nervous and anxious!... Read More

  1. by   4TheTide
    Well, a girl in class got her letter today and she was accepted, so I ran home to look in my mailbox, and it hasn't run yet
  2. by   texabama
    HI, I just got on here today! I too am waiting to hear from CACC. So a girl in your class got her acceptance letter today? I checked the mail and no letter yet. Im so nervous!!!!!!! Good luck to you guys!!!!! Do you know how many they are taking for the RN and the LN programs?
  3. by   4TheTide
    Yep, she got her letter. It's strange because NOBODY else has gotten theirs that I know, about 10-12 people. Now I'm paranoid that only the ones who got in got letters today. All kinds of things are running thru my mind Anyway, I don't know for sure how many are accepted, but I've heard 100 seats total LPN and RN. Where are you from? Have you finished your core classes? How many points do you have, if you know? Are you LPN or RN? Good luck to you too!!
  4. by   texabama
    Hi! I am trying to get a hold of the girls I know from my classes and havent been able to yet. I live in Chelsea, and have finished all my core stuff. If I calculated right I think I have 191 pts. Where do you live? Have you finished your core classes? Have you been attending classes at CACC? I was taking my classes at Childersburg. I hate this waiting thing. I have heard so many conflicting things on how they choose . I will let you know if I talk to anyone that has heard anything. I checked my mail today and no letter. Do they send a no letter also? I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  5. by   4TheTide
    I know, I have heard so many conflicting things too. I almost bet you got in with 191 points. I have 150 trying to get into the LPN program. I have A&P II left to take of my cores and micro b/c I'm going to come back and get my RN. Yes, I have been attending CACC at C'burg. I just want to know! And, yes, they are supposed to send out letters either way, yes or no.
  6. by   texabama
    How many points did your friend that got accepted have? I put in for the RN program , Im just going to keep my fingers crossed and pray! I took AP1 with Ms Waites in the fall and I took AP2 and Micro in the spring with Ms Woods. I have been working really hard (just like all of us) for a year now and just want to know so I can move on one way or another! If I dont get in I will apply to LPN in Spring.
  7. by   4TheTide
    I don't know how many points she has. I don't even know her. She's just in my class and came in telling all that she got in, which I don't blame her I have Ms. Waites for 201 now and had her for 103 last semester. I love her. I will take Ms. Waites this fall for 202. How does she compare with Ms. Wood? I hear they are similar. Hopefully we'll know something by tomorrow anyway. Keep me updated. Again, good luck!
  8. by   texabama
    I just talked to a girl in my class that went by nursing office yesterday, and they told her they were mailing them out Thursday. Hopefully we will find out something tommorow or Friday!!!!! Goodluck everyone!!!!!
  9. by   greysanatomyfan
    I heard there were over 700 applicants and only 50 got accepted. Good Luck Girls!!!!
  10. by   texabama
    really , 700 wow. Was that 50 to RN and LPN ? Do you know what the cut off points were?
  11. by   momof2divas
    Omg are you serious???? 700 applicants and only 50 slots? Is that 50 for RN and Lpn program??? That is making me even more nervous now! I have taken all my core classes and pre-req If I don't get in I may have to revamp my plans and do BSN...I mean when is the next time you can apply for the RN program?? This waiting is literally making me sick.... I am going to be so relieved to find out something I did throw a prayer up for us all today!!!!!!!!!! Will be praying some more tonite!!!! 700 applicants WOW!!!!!!
  12. by   momof2divas
    What campus is mailing them out???
  13. by   momof2divas
    The sad thing is with the economy everyone is trying to go to nursing school and alot of them are going into for the wrong reason.........