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  1. Hey all,

    I'm a new grad RN looking for a job and am curious about USA's hospitals-particularly the Women and Children's Hospital. Does anyone on here work there? Is it a good place to work, do they hire new grads? What do they pay? I live about an hour away from Mobile (in MS) and am willing to commute so any info on these hospitals as well as other hospitals in Mobile would be great. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   lana2010
    Hey CocoChanel,
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I have worked at Women's and Children's Hospital as a student nurse and it seems like a really good place to work. They seem to really put a lot of effort into treating children, it is the only hospital in mobile that treats babies that are born high risk. They are also a part of the Children's Miracle Network which also put a lot of effort into Children's Care especially those with rare types of cancers. I think they usually start new nurses off at about $19 (and some change) they are second to Mobile Infirmary in starting pay for new nurses, but I don't think it's that much more. You may also want to try Mobile Infirmary also. I hope this helps!!!
    I was wondering, I know that some new nurses are having a hard time finding employment, is this the case with you? How long has it been since you graduated from nursing school.
  4. by   CocoChanel
    Thanks for the info. I graduated in Dec. '08, so it wasn't that long ago. I live on the MS Gulf Coast and the job market here for new grads is pretty slim. Alot of the hospitals in this area just aren't hiring new grads so I'm starting to look elsewhere. They have a RN internship here that starts in June, but when I applied they already had over 100 applicants (and that was two days after they started accepting applications). From what I hear they have alot of jobs north of here and out of state for new grads, but I can't afford to move right now, so commuting is my only option.
  5. by   lana2010
    I truly hope that you find something soon, one of my biggest fears is graduating and finding out that I can't find a job, that was one of the reasons I went into nursing. Hopefully the economy will pick up pretty soon and the hospitals will lift a lot of the freezes on hiring new nurses. Have you tried New Orleans? I know you would really hate to make that drive (2 hours from me here in Mobile), but if you could do like three days out of a week for like six months to a year MAYBE things will have picked up by then, that would be some really good experience and from what I hear if you can make it as a nurse in New Orleans YOU CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE!!! I know several nurses who go down to New Orleans a few times out of the month to pick up some extra time. Just a thought, please let me know how your job search is going. Good Luck!!!!