University of South Alabama July 2009 Accelerated Program

  1. Has anyone else received their acceptance letter for USA's July 2009 accelerated program?
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  3. by   JENNP
    I received mine last Monday and I'm so excited! I've been busy checking out apartments near the University since I'm not from Mobile. Are you from the Mobile area or are you relocating too? Have you received any info on scholarships?
  4. by   jimnorxlbsn

    Im from let me know what area you are thinkin about and i can let you for scholarships I can't help you...........haven't really looked into it shame on me b/c this is going to be an expensive year, etc..........where are you coming from............if you like you can find me on facebook and we can chat faster jimi curious as well what others are thinking, backgrounds, prior degree, worries, etc..........look me in a blue shirt with a guitar in my hands
  5. by   laurenz
    Hi! I am thinking about applying to the program for next summer 2010, how competitive was it? If you don't mind sharing what your gpa and everything was I would appreciate it! I am just starting to try to figure out where I should apply or not bother if I don't have a chance! Congrats
  6. by   jimnorxlbsn
    overall undergraduate gpa 3.7 but for the 10 classes they look at for the accelerated program, had a 3.13...........what's important is in addition to course work, life experience, what have you been doing since you graduated with your first degree, etc......, it seems to be a combo of work experience and grades.............hope this helps..............
  7. by   JENNP
    I say apply. You have nothing to lose, and you have plenty of time to get everything together. If you don't apply, then you already know what the answer is. So apply. Let them tell you no. Good luck!

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