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I am going to JC right now and I am planning on transferring to the university of South Alabama (next fall 08'). I am just worried I won't get in with a 3.2. If anyone has any information, I would... Read More

  1. by   psyched_nurse
    I am a graduate of USA accelerated ADN-BSN and went into the courses with a 3.23 GPA and through my 2 years came out with a 3.4. The course work is good and the clinical time is arranged by you and approved by faculty. My ex-wife got her FNP at USA and is now a very good practicing FNP, so it is as good as you make like any other college. The faculty works with you to get clinical hours and also to do course work. Good luck with your experience with USA.
  2. by   getinfall
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    FYI....I'm currently in the accelerated program at USA. I started in January at the Baldwin County campus (they accepted 24 and 17 actually started) but there is also a session that starts late summer (started7/21) on the Mobile campus and they accepted 40 people. You DO have to have a prior degree to even be considered at this point because of the number of applicants, but you'll also have to be interviewed. Totally doable though! I've enjoyed it and can't wait 'til graduation! Hope this info helps!

    I will see you there then. I'm in CA and I will leave right after X-mas. Do you have a roommate by the way. I'm looking for a roommate to share the apartment in Arbor Gates. Are you interested? I'm a male thou.

    I will be in Fairhope by Jan. 2nd.

    I just talked to the staff yesterday and they told me that this one year BSN program has no break. The "break" is like a few days between modules. We still need to do the graduate coursework during those "Break" even if we are not planning to do the whole master. I don't think I can fly back to CA anytime during next year.