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  1. Hi, I'm interested in applying to the University of Mobile accelerated bsn program. Is anyone currently in the program? If so, can you give me any insight because I don't live in the area. Thanks!
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  3. by   Natou11
    Hi did you apply yet ? I don't live in the area either and I'm interested in the program
  4. by   RN 2 B
    Hi, no I did not apply. I was told by one of the faculty that you would not be able to work. I need to work. Are you going to apply?
  5. by   Natou11
    Yes I am going to apply.... I will be working some hours a week. I feel like I will be able to handle it .... they will advice you not to work but it's really up to u.
  6. by   Natou11
    I been trying to reach them but can't get thru, I fill out the online application but I don't know which specific address to send my transcript
  7. by   RN 2 B
    The address should be on their website. How far are you from Mobile?
  8. by   Natou11
    I live out of state... I will move in just for the program
  9. by   RN 2 B
    The next ABSN program starts in January 2019. I wanted to talk to someone whose already in the program, but haven't got a reply from anyone. Good luck to you. Let me know if you get accepted.
  10. by   Natou11
    Thanks... Sure
  11. by   JWhitt
    I just applied but havent heard anything yet. I think they said they would start making early decsions July 1. I would also like to hear from someone who has been in the program as there is not a lot of info in general on the program as a whole.
  12. by   Natou11
    Right...did you send your transcripts yet or you did you just fill out the online application?
  13. by   Natou11
    Yea there is not much info
  14. by   JWhitt
    I have already sent all my transcripts. They actually got my stuff mixed up and accepted me to the traditional program so they had to redo my application. I am anxious to hear something because I will have to take The pathophysiology class they offer online this fall and don't want to register if I don't need to.