UAB Nurse intern program?

  1. I was just wondering if any RN's out there have been employed as new grads and went through UAB's intern program. I graduate in may and think it sounds like a great way to get exposure to all the different ICU's.
    Do they take RN's with ADN?
    How long is the program and does it count towards one critical care experience for the MNA program?
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  3. by   islandgirl97
    Yeah, you may want to start applying now, though, because it is competitive. I heard they accept any RNs regardless of degree, but because it is competitive they will look and see if you have an ADN vs BSN.

    I was going to do it but I'm honestly sick of UAB and they rigamorale I've gone through. They've put me through hell and back (school of nursing) and I am not prepared to do more homework and crap. The internship is an excellent program, but you can't work OT for the first 9 mos. And you have homework. If you truly don't know what area of nursing you'd like to do and you want a LOT of training and don't mind extra work, apply!!

    I've done 3 of my clinical rotations there and currently in Heart Transplant ICU for my preceptorship and I'm ready for something different.

    GOOD luck to you!
  4. by   islandgirl97
    Oh I forgot-you pick 6 units (4 acute and 2 critical care or 6 acute care units) and rotate through each one for a month. So this is 6 months of solid training. THEN you pick the area you want a permanent position in and get at least another 3 mos of training. Afterwards, you are ethically obligated to commit to that unit for another 18 mos, meaning you are GLUED to UAB for grand total of 2 years from the very beginning. But they said right now the "ethical" commitment is just that-ethical. They ask you to stay but they don't enforce it. But they will soon, probably create a contractual (legal) agreement. And I'm sure it would count as "professional" experience for the MNA program under your resume, but that's probably all.
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  5. by   focker-male nurse
    Thanks alot. It does not sound too appealing. I will probabaly just pick an ICU and stick it out. i guess I could always transfer to another unit if I am not happy. I REFUSE to do homework. I thought the program rotated through all critical care areas. If what you said is true then I am will be better served by not entering that program.
    I am currently doing my preceptor in neuro ICU. maybe I will see ya around!
  6. by   lovejana22

    my father knows one of the recruiters for that program, and although i do not like the idea of homework i am thinking that it might not be a bad idea. it might be really great getting training for a specific area. i still have a little time to think about it though.
  7. by   Aimee03
    who told you that there was homework involved? And what kind of homework are you refering to? That has not been metioned to me at ALL.
  8. by   Snickett
    Do they have an ER Internship? Where can I find more info about the intern program?
  9. by   Aimee03
    If you chose the "normal" internship program, the ER is considered critical care. Like what was stated eariler, you chose 4 acute care and 2 critical care for 6 months. I got information about it when uab came to my school. You could call or e-mail Terri Johnson, she is the RN recruiter. is her email address. They told us the deadline was April 30th, but they are already interviewing. I know they only take 10 people for the women's services internship, but I'm not sure about the others. Hope that helps.
  10. by   islandgirl97
    Quote from Aimee03
    who told you that there was homework involved? And what kind of homework are you refering to? That has not been metioned to me at ALL.
    Well, one of my classmates had a few friends who started the internship program and they dropped out because they thought it was too hard (but then they went to Jeff State..hah...just a lil humor...we're used to the rigamorale that UAB has put us through). She (my friend) told me they had research articles (I THINK??)...that they had to look up and do stuff for. I really don't know the details. And then I asked my other classmate whose name is Aimee also b/c I thought she had posted this question since she'll be doing the internship and she said she had no idea what this forum was but that yes, there is extra work. So she confirmed this as well.

    As for details, I'm sorry I don't know. II was going to do the internship program, but now I'm going to VA just b/c of the benefits and although I love UAB I'm not all gungho about getting my masters right away or moving up the ladder quickly and frankly if I ever have to do another paper, essay, threaded discussion, flow sheet (both nursing AND MEDICAL) and anything else in APA format I will scream. Plus there is heavy duty politics and other stuff I won't go into detail that has not impressed me. BUT. UAB is really top notch. Be prepared to work your butt off. I've done all my clinicals there and preceptoring in HTICU right now and I know 2 girls on the unit who are doing the internship program....if I run into them anytime before the end of this semester I'll ask for you. Hope that helps....
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  11. by   islandgirl97
    and also, if you want more details about the internship or applying, contact Pamela Patterson b/c Terri is..well...just call Pam. i'm too lazy right now to look her up but check the directory on the uab
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  12. by   luvthahustle
    I read your posts re: UAB and the VA. I just finished my practicum at UAB on a plain ol understaffed surgical floor. Last week I interviewed for a Baylor there (while I finish my MSN) and the NM would only offer me base pay with regular night diffs. She has a poor rep, but would she really rather pay the pool nurses and experienced staff OT pay than to pay a new grad the normal "work 2 & get paid for 3" weekend deal? Anyway, I have also been looking at the VA, and wondered if you liked it or not?