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  1. Does anybody work in the ED at UAB? I am currently in school at UA and graduate in May 2012. I have done rotations in the ED at DCH Regional and love it, but I am trying to get back to Bham after I graduate. I am thinking of throwing UAB ED in on my preceptor wish list and was wondering what the employee moral atmosphere is like. Are employees receptive to students and new grads? How is the work environment? I know it is probably hectic due to it being a level 1 trauma center. Also, how are they about hiring new grads? Just wanting to know if it would be worth while trying to apply for preceptor there next semester or if there is another ED in Bham that is more open and welcoming to students/new grads like DCH?
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  3. by   JSNurse13
    My close friend is a Jeff State graduate and starting in the ER @ UAB on Aug 1st. She said she had always heard that UAB does not prefer to hire ADN nurses (which she is) but a friend pulled a few strings for her and got her an interview and she got the job that day! She also told me to do your preceptorship where you want to work since they are more likely to hire you after that.
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    I'm glad you posted this because I am in my 3rd semester at jeff state and am VERY VERY interested in working in the ED at UAB when I graduate! I am currently a tech/PCT at shelby baptist and have been there for 2 years. I am willing to go to great lengths to get on at UAB but that is the one hospital I dont have any pull at. My mom is an RN at brookwood so I could probably get on there but I am interested in UAB so they will help me go back to school to finish my BSN. I have been scared that I was just going to get looked over since I will be just an ADN. I was going to try to put UAB as my top choice for preceptorship. I applied for a PCT position to try to get my foot in the door but when HR called me they said you have to do their CNA training course and it is 2 weeks long and during school so I couldn't do that. If you get any advice please share!
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    Most hospitals offer some sort of tuition reimbursement program for nurses going back to school and correct me if I'm wrong, but Brookwood does too and even pays Federal loans that you may have already from school. UAB is great learning facility but the other hospitals have their strengths also. Good Luck!