1. does anyone know the dress code for UAB's orientation. Do I dress up or wear scrubs or what?
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  3. by   Thunderball
    I was planning on calling the school next week (can't from work this week) to find out as I got my letter with 4 weeks to classes starting and then a week later (last Saturday) got another letter that says uniform must be from specific store and takes six weeks, already had scheduled part of Monday off to go order but the six weeks part worried me. The store said it would still be up to six weeks and that the school was okay with us just wearing white scrubs until we get the uniforms in. They told me I could have ordered in advance but to be honest I didn't have that much hope of getting in on my first try to spend extra money without knowing. But that has had me worrying about the orientation and what am I supposed to do as well. If I get a lunch (snack break even) today where I can call I may try and see. By the way I'll assume congratulations, see you May 9th
  4. by   Thunderball
    Okay, had a break, called them and checked with them on orientation, and also to verify that plain white scrubs are okay if we don't get the uniforms in time for clinicals. She said orientation is just plain everyday clothes and that if you don't get your uniforms in time for clinicals plain white scrubs are okay, I prefer to hear if from the school not the store.
  5. by   Aimee03
    Thanks, but I was wondering about hospital orientation, not school.
  6. by   Thunderball
    Sorry, made a wrong assumption... Can't say I have a clue on that one at all.

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