Shift Diff. Pay and OT? How does that work?

  1. Ok, so I'm sure everyone is sick of pay questions but I am confused. Let's say you're a new grad at UAB working 7a-7p shift with one weekend night every other week. I know base rate is 19.85. And then there is something like 15% for evening and 20% for nights. So does that mean from 7a-3p you would make about 19.85 and from 3p-7p you would make 22.82? And then if there is a weekend shift diff would you make base+evening+weekend from 3-7p? And if you're working 3 12 hours (36) does OT start at 36 hrs or do you still have to work more than 40 for OT?

    And then (sorry) if you work OT, do you get your base rate time and a half or would you get base+shift diffs then time and a half? Hope that makes sense!

    Also, what is mandated OT? You have to work more than your shift? You still get paid overtime pay right? I mean, at least time and a half? Thanks!
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  3. by   CardioTrans
    K.......... from 3p-7p you would make the 15% extra...........if you worked 7p-7a......... 7p-11p.... your pay would be base plus 15%, then from 11p-7a you would make base plus 20%.

    OT does not start until you work 40 hours.

    mandated OT............. usually if they mandate OT, you may be required to work one or more extra shift a pay period.... and yes you will get OT pay.

    OT is usually time and a half of base pay.

    I dont know about the weekend shift diff............. when I worked in the unit......... we had to work a weekend every 4th weekend. The weekend diff was only for the people who worked weekends only.

    Hope that helps!