Orientation at WSCC

  1. I just received my nursing acceptance letter for Spring semester at WSCC and I was just wondering what everybody was going to choose as their block schedule?
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  3. by   Product
    It would be wonderful if my packet actually came in the freaking mail tomorrow. Wallace has confirmed over the phone that I was accepted, and gave me the info for orientation, but still, I want my damn letter and packet! It just doesn't seem official without it, I feel like I missed out on the great feeling.....Though it sounds like multiple people didn't get packets but were accepted...........
  4. by   Product
    Wonder how many other guys there will be also :P
  5. by   wsccguy
    Ya in the packet they give you 5 choices as a schedule that you have to choose from. You basically have to make your choice by the orientation.

    Ya Product i bet there will be at most ten guys there lol
  6. by   nurseaid07
    i thinking im going with 1D. @ Product I went down there thursday and picked up the pack and she gave me a sample letter and I spoke with someone and went head and bought my nursing hand book. Also made sure my grant info was completed so I wouldnt how to worry about how im going to pay for it. Im so excited about getting in Does anyone live in the bessemer or Birmingham area I need to carpool ?
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  7. by   nurseaid07
    1D or 1B Idk yet im trying to see she said if you choose a pt option you dont how to take all three classes I could take 2 of them and then sit the summer out. I just thought I would add that and someone told me that. Also Im really considering going pt just because I'm to chicken to go ahead and be full time lol. Im so happy but so scared I dont really know what to think but my friend is in the program and she is very smart and she tells me to be ready to think outside the box. there will be many answers that maybe correct but only one of them is going to be right so im trying to prepare to read,read and read lol, Cant wait until monday to see how's all there im probaly going to be asking all the questions as i have a list already lol.
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