New nurse need help!!!!

  1. Graduated in December 2010 and passed the NCLEX in March. I want to know whose hiring new RN graduates. Most of all the jobs I've seen are asking for at least one year experience. Do you recommend doing applications online or on site? Please help ......I am sooo ready to get back to work... been off for six months.
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  3. by   DSkelton711
    I don't know of anyone hiring. I think alot of places want you to go through the online process because HR will determine if you are even eligible for the job. HR IMHO is killing a lot of nurses getting their foot in the door. It is all about $. Make sure to have an up to date resume and include any pertinent info or experience then have a killer cover letter to really sell yourself. Good Luck. Eventually something will come your way.
  4. by   redstepchild
    have you looked for any volunteer nursing opportunities that would give you experience.

    for example, with the recent Tornado's in Alabama. Redcross needed Registered Nurses to work triage units.

    When you start working in medical situations like that you will meet people. Don't be afraid to casually mention you are in the market for a position when people ask what hospital you are at.

    You may meet a nurse who is best buds with someone in HR and everyone knows the easiest way to get an interview is through someone you know.

    You will be able to reflect on some of these alternative volunteer experiences as a reference.

    Also, have you looked into per deim work or perhaps in home care or working at a childrens camp as the staff RN?

    All of these alternative experiences start getting you connections. Contact the health Dept for your County or the Federal Govt Health dept and find out the areas where there are nursing shortages.. These free local community health care triage units..

    The pay may be bad.. but if you have any student debt, you may be able to retire it by working in a place that is determined to have a nursing shortage.

    Coming out of school, you have paper. Its about what you do with what you got that will determine if you can get where you want to be.

    Be creative.. Just remember that EVERYTIME you speak to people, and you mention you are in nursing, that person who you are speaking to might be the Director of HR and you don't even know it.

    Had a parent on my son's wrestling team who is just such a person at a local large, well respected area hospital and I NEVER knew it. Known their family for 4 years.. Sure glad they think the world of me.

    The Parent is very supportive of my nursing goals and constantly likes to be kept up to date with how I am progressing and when I will be eligible to sit for my NCLEX.
  5. by   redstepchild
    oh and check these job boards often.. you can search by zip code.

    Remember "Preferred" does not mean "required".
  6. by   RoyalNurse2010
    I got two job offers on the same day. Start orientation on the 23rd at the hospital I did my preceptorship at. Thanks so much for your advice.
  7. by   redstepchild
    Curious, how long from when you applied till you were offered or contacted with a serious interview? How long was this from Graduation.

    I'm really glad you got an opportunity. Foot in the door... now its time to hit the grind and start impressing people.
  8. by   redstepchild
    if you don't mind my asking.. what hospital was this at? Had you applied there sooner? Good luck though.
  9. by   RoyalNurse2010
    I graduated in Dec.2010 passed the NCLEX in March 2011. Did my application around the first week of April. My interview was on April 29th and I was offered the job on May 6.
  10. by   DSkelton711
    That's great! Gosh, I remember the good old days: Graduated June 10, started work June 23rd, then passed the NCLEX afterwards!! Guess they had to quit doing that though. Good Luck to you. Hope you enjoy your career. One piece of advice: Protect your back at all costs.

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