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  1. I have been licensed for four weeks and not one phone call. Is anyone hiring new grads? At this point I am willing to move to another part of the state and take any shift even PRN until FT opens up. Any suggestions..........
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  3. by   applewhitern
    please say where you currently live; i have been an rn in alabama for many years and know most of the hospitals here, and who is hiring, etc.
  4. by   sw915
    i live in birmingham, and single so i can relocate anywhere. i will take any shift, any wage, even prn, although ft w/ benefits would be nice. i have worked hard for my license and just want to work. please advise.
  5. by   applewhitern
    Scott, Jackson Hospital in Montgomery is always hiring, and they pay decent. Also Baptist Health has two hospitals in Montgomery, and one in Prattville. They usually have job openings. All of these are near I-65 so you could zip back to B'ham if you wanted to. All of these have easy access, and the traffic isn't bad. Most jobs are three 12-hr shifts per week. If you want to go nearer the beach areas, the University of South Alabama in Mobile is a great place to learn, and offer lots of classes you can take. It is a medical school, too, so you learn stuff constantly.
  6. by   applewhitern
    I just checked on-line at Baptist South in Montgomery; they have lots of job openings. Also, Baptist in Prattville has had a job opening in their ER, ICU, and med-surg for a while now. It is a smaller hospital, good place to get your feet wet, plus their ICU is not "high acuity" at all.
  7. by   Scales3
    Apply to Brookwood they have alot of positions available. I am a new grad and I recently accepted a position there.