Lpn before rn < mistake?

  1. I recently received my acceptance letter for the waiting list for a RN program I applied to. However, I was accepted to a LPN program at another school further away. Should I accept that LPN slot and complete the program or take my chances with RN program in hopes of getting in soon? I need some wise advice. I've heard many nurses say that a LPN license is a waste of time and a mistake for many nurses (vs straight to RN). With the current economy, I must do something to have other jobs options. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   justshe
    Thats a really tough call...I can say that I WISH I had gone ahead and completed my LPN in the time I have waited to be accepted into the RN program. Many of the students that started with me taking their prereqs have gotten are LPNs now and are working and have the option of returning to school. Question? Do you know how long you will be on this waiting list? If the waiting list will be a year or longer=the time it would take to become an LPN I would probably use the wait time to my advantage. This is only my 0.02 cents. Good luck with whichever you decide. Please keep us informed.
  4. by   09RN
    Right now the job market for RN's isnt good! Many new grads cant find jobs. Not only in AL but all over the country. Im not sure how it is for LPN's. with whats going on with healthcare and the govt wanting to change things Im not so sure what the best thing to do is. I would suggest getting a job as a tech (PCA) while you are in school. Those that did in my class our the ones that got a RN job after graduation. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   soladylike1
    Thanks for your input! In regards to the wait period; I am #23 on a waiting list of 25 for a chance to get accepted into the RN program starting in Aug 09. They will only start accepting wait listers in the event someone does not meet other preadmission requirements,shots,background checks etc. Since I am so far down the wait list my chances are very slim. The nursing advisor did inform me that they usually don't get past number 13 on the wait list in the same semester. She also told me that next accepting round I'm almost sure to get in, but thats next August 2010. I really did not want to go the Lpn route because it just seems like it takes longer to become a RN. I dont want to be another lpn statistic who never progressed to rn for any number of reasons. I only considered LPN because of the extra year of waiting and my current job is so unstable. However, my wages as a new Lpn will only increase about $2 from my current wages. Thats why this decision is not as obvious as one would think it should be.