Jefferson State Community College Summer 2013 Hopefuls

  1. Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the program; so that hopeful students like myself can get insight into the program such as cutoff points,application deadlines, and also to get to know our future classmates!!!!!! Thanks in advance to all that make this thread a success.
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  3. by   ark1992
    I applied! The deadline is a week from today. Pretty nervous!
  4. by   VikeAdelik'sWife'11
    I will be turning in my application next week after I take the teas test. I am super nervous!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what the cut off for points will be this summer for entry into the program
  5. by   ark1992
    I'm not sure! I guess what it really depends on is how many people apply and how many points everyone had. My advisor told me not many people apply at all and I haven't met anyone at class that's applying so maybe that's a good thing as far as competition goes!
  6. by   SabRN85
    I just turned in my application!! I am soooooo nervous!
  7. by   VikeAdelik'sWife'11
    Quote from SabRN85
    I just turned in my application!! I am soooooo nervous!
    I am nervous as well!!!! One of my previous classmates got accepted in the program this spring and she had a total of 188 points so I am kinda on edge because I have not taken the teas test yet.
  8. by   ark1992
    which campus are you guys applying for?
  9. by   SabRN85
    At first I chose either, then the lady in the office said it would be best to choose a campus soooo I chose Shelby.
  10. by   SabRN85
    Good luck on the teas!
  11. by   ark1992
    Oh! I didn't know it was best to choose one so I put either because I thought that would higher my chances but maybe not...I guess we'll just have to see! I hope to go to Shelby though because it's so much closer and that's where I've been at school for the past two years. I've heard Shelby is harder, but I'm not sure if I believe it!
  12. by   VikeAdelik'sWife'11
    Quote from SabRN85
    Good luck on the teas!
    Thanks!!!!!!! I know I am gonna need it
  13. by   VikeAdelik'sWife'11
    I don't really know what campus to choose because I was reading a thread from students that started in the program this spring and some of them had nothing nice to say about the Shelby campus program.
  14. by   humblyMe
    Hi everyone! I'll be turning my application in on Monday for the Jefferson Campus as first choice! I've been nervous, I would've been turn the application in. It's just my nerves have been killing me! Hopefully we all get great news of an acceptance in the months to come!