Jefferson Davis (jdcc)

  1. This is a shot in the dark, but I'm trying to find some information about this college from people who went there and have some opinions about it.
    I live in Pensacola, FL and am going to PJC for my pre-req's and have been planning on joining the PJC nursing program. Lately I've been hearing a lot of really great things about Jeff Davis and have always heard really bad things about PJC's program. It is about an hours drive for me, but looking at the schedule I'd probably only have to go to class 2 days a week and can do clinicals at the Pensacola hospitals.
    Has anybody had experience with Jeff Davis, PJC, or both and can give me an honest idea of what the programs are like?
    The drive to me is worth it if it's a better program.

    Thanks to anyone that can help!!

    I posted this in the general nursing thread too, but I thought maybe the Alabama thread might be more close to home!!
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  3. by   LiveLoveDreamRN
    I went to PJC for my LPN and JD for my RN. I drove from Pensacola to Brewton/Atmore for class along with many others. I feel that ot better prepares you for boards and work. People I know who went to PJC with prior medical training felt PJC was missing a few things. I know great nurses from PJC, but I know nurses who have struggled to pass NCLEX after not passing the first time. I know it has been a bit since you asked your question, so... But I feel it was worth the time & effort to drive all that way. I would not change my JD experience.
  4. by   kayty2339
    Thank you so much for responding! I've been wondering if anybody would ever find my posts!! Your information is valuable and just pushes me to do JDCC that much more. I'm going to apply for this fall, but I won't be done with Microbiology until the end of summer term so right now I'm sitting at 139 points and the advisor there said most people are in the 150 point range that get in but told me to still apply. If anything I'm hoping the spring term will work out. By then (if I get an A) my points will be at 169. I'm still applying to PJC too just in case.
    Thanks again for your info! I really do appreciate it!
  5. by   kayty2339
    Do you know how likely it is that I may get into the program if I've been accepted on their "alternate" list.
  6. by   courtlane143
    did u get in as an many alternates do they pick each term???
  7. by   kayty2339
    I didn't get in as an alternate. I actually ended up going to pjc in Jan 2010 and am set to graduate in may. I can now say from first hand experience that pjc is a good school and they have made many changes to better the program. Im not sure how many alternates jdcc picks. I was finally accepted to jd after I finished micro but I had already been accepted to pjc by that time.
  8. by   Jbmiller83
    I'm glad I found this thread...I'm currently taking A & P I this semester and A & P II next semester. Hoping to get into the RN program at Pensacola State around Fall of 2014. From your experience, would you recommend the program? Also, was it easy to find a job after passing the NCLEX? Any advice would be appreciated!!