Jefferson Davis AL- Point System

  1. Hi everyone! I would like to know from the people who have been accepted into the RN program at Jefferson Davis in Brewton, AL what their points were. I just want to have an idea of what I need to get in, as I am aiming to get accepted in Fall 2011. Thank you to anyone who replies redbeatheredbeathe
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  3. by   mick1369
    My points were 178, i heard our class had some of the highest points with the lowest being in the 150's....good luck
  4. by   fancyface70
    hi~i was just accepted to the nursing program at jdcc!! i was wondering if you were accepted? i am excited and nervous at the same time. so far i don't know of any other classmates making it in the program. good luck!!
  5. by   mick1369
    hey...i was accepted back in january...i am getting ready to complete my second term, good luck and let me know if you have any questions
  6. by   jboogie617
    Hey mick how is the schedule like the 1st and 2nd semester (duration and frequency of nursing classes). I work part time and need to adjust my work schedule to my classes. Thank you!
  7. by   mick1369
    your first term you will go to class two days a week....for example, i went all day monday (830-400) and half of the day tuesday for fundamentals class and lab...then the other half of the day for health assessment...after 8 weeks it switched to intro to pharmocology for the 2nd half of tuesday. some people went all day monday then half tues. and half wed. Then you will have two weekend clinicals at a nursing home, but you will have plenty of notice of the dates to take the time far as second semester yours will be different then mine since my second semester fell in the summer...but if i had to guess about your schedule it will be something like 4 days a week from 830ish to 230ish because you will be taking adult nursing and ob/peds nursing. for that term you will have 3 to 4 weekends of clinicals also. i hope this helps
  8. by   jboogie617
    Thank you Mick that really does help! I'm just so glad I got everything out of the way and I'm just taking nursing classes! Good luck with this semester!
  9. by   jboogie617
    Hey Mick, you wouldn't happen to know off the top of your head how much the books and course packets cost off the top of your head would ya?
  10. by   mick1369
    course packets are less than $20...the rest of the books are crazy the first term, because you buy so many at once.... i would go to jdcc website and look up the booklist and buy them used online. if not you will spend a lot more through their bookstore. let me know if you need anything else