jeff States Program with St. Vincent Hospital

  1. Does anyone know anything about this program? If anyone out there is doing the program can you tell me if you like it / happy with it or wished youd done the regular nursing program.

    Thanks....Im trying to learn all I can about Jeff States nursing programs that they offer. I have heard its very competitve to get into either program.

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  3. by   lovejana22
    i have heard the jeff state only accepts 50 people into their nursing program. i am not sure about the st. vincents program though. i started at jeff state, and then went to wallace for the start of the fall 06. i was not happy with things at jeff state. i had psych with a woman who had straight a's and she said it took her like 3 tries to get into the program.
  4. by   09RN
    That woman probably didnt have all the science classes she needed to get in. I have talk to so many people that apply and dont realize that they get the points from the science classes you take plus the compass plus your math. I have several friends that all got accepted into the summer program this summer.

    Why were you unhappy at Jeff State..if you dont mind me asking.
  5. by   indieflower
    Jeff State excepts 100 students (50 at Shelby, and 50 at the Birmingham Campus) I am not sure about the information on the St vincents partnership, but that's completely different from the 100 students that they let in the the full time day program
  6. by   student_nurse_8700
    I will be graduating from JeffState (the Carson campus) on May 4, 2007. I haven't heard from anyone who is doing the St.Vincent's program. All I know about it is that it takes 3 years instead of two and the classes/clinicals are all at night or on weekends. As far as the regular campus program is concerned...they do only take 50 students per semester per campus...I had heard it is competitive to get in and was worried but was accepted the first time that I applied. They took the points from my A&P I and II...( I had a B in I and an A in II) Micro grade (A)...the score from my English placement exam (90 something) and then...they went back to my high school Algebra and took my grade from that. I thought that was pretty strange since I graduated from high school in 1994...but I was just glad to get in The program had had it's issues....lots of miscommunication and trouble with organization....but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...I can't believe I am almost finished!
  7. by   lovejana22

    i had a lot of trouble with my adviser, i would call him and he would never return my calls or emails. i just did not like feeling like i was all alone there. and i moved and found out that wallace was 5 minutes closer to me than jeff state and heard it was a good school and program.
    from what i hear the st. vincents program is a great program for people who need night and weekend nursing classes.
    sorry so late with the response i have been very busy.
  8. by   indieflower
    ^^ Are you talking about Mr buxton at Jeffstate. I've been communicating with the advisor from the Shelby campus and Carson. And Mr buxton was vrey helpful...
  9. by   lovejana22

    well i guess it was just me then. he never returned my calls, or email's. i just did not get a good vibe from him.