Jeff State Summer 2010 Hopefuls.....

  1. Has anybody applied for the Summer semester @ Jeff State???
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  3. by   chelseymoni
    Hey, how are you? I applied and was accepted. what about you?
  4. by   bama127
    I am in, and I will be at the Shelby campus. Congrats chelseymoni!
  5. by   chelseymoni
    Congrats to you too!
  6. by   AlisonD
    I got accepted to the Carson Campus. I'm really nervous about starting in the summer. Have no idea what to expect.
  7. by   chelseymoni
    I'm at the Carson Campus too. I'm nervous myself.I'm quite sure it's gonna be very intense. I've been reading up on dosage and calculations.
  8. by   Y-Chromo_nurse2b
    I am currently taking pre-reques at Shelby. I heard it is very tough to get accepted. Such as all "A"s in AP 1 & 2 and microbiology. What grades & courses did you have when you got accepted?

  9. by   chelseymoni
    I had AP 1,2, and micro.Got A's in all.It is tough to get in but if they keep the point system going, as long as your in the mid 190's range you should be fine...along with a good GPA
  10. by   RNdiscipulus
    I am applying for the Fall 2010 at the Shelby Campus...I have a question that is probably dumb...I went in and met with the advisor...she marked me down with my "A" in BIO103, an "A" in A&P1, and an "A" in MA110 (finite)...then she was able to use my "A" in MA110 again for my points in the math section...I ended up making a 99 on the Compass test...this gave me 200/ 200 points...does it matter which courses they use in your categories to get your points? I just didn't know if it matter which courses I took to compile these scores or not...I assume that having a 200 makes me competitive? I haven't a clue as to how all this works, but I am just trying to learn. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. by   Y-Chromo_nurse2b

    A 200/200 is the best you can get. Last semester the cutoff was around 186. I'm not sure if you will have to complete A & P 2 and Microbiology (Bio 220) before you can start the program.

    As it was explained to me math is especially important, so it is given the extra weight.

    Great job on getting an 'A' in A & P 1. How is Mth 110? I'll be taking Mth during the May mini-semester.
  12. by   RNdiscipulus
    haha I appreciate it...I am not at all trying to brag..I actually kind of stumbled into this...I started my career as wanting to be a nurse...but now I am about to graduate with a BA in History...but I had the pre reqs for Nursing and I seem to have done well...its been about 4 years since I messed with it...if you look at the layout of courses they have spaces for you to complete Bio220 and Bio202 within the nursing program...I just didn't know if it mattered which courses I used in my categories..I don't think it does...I just can't get over how hard everyone says it is...I am excited to see...also..MA110 is not terrible...I took it at UAB and it was basically all online...if you just study and do well on the quizzes it isn't hard to make an'll be fine...I have literally just stepped right into all I am just catching up hoping to get educated from all you pros...
  14. by   RNdiscipulus
    haha...I agree...I am trying to be...are you already in the program BIGDADDY?