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any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

  1. by   tvmoore5
    that is a good deal! I feel like we will find out next week...but I caught myself today..every time the phone rang
    my heart stopped...hoping it was Jeff State!!!!
  2. by   busymom35
    I hope you are right and we hear something next week. I check the mail every afternoon and also remind my family if Jeff State calls and I am not home to be sure and take a message lol !!!!! Hopefully not much longer!!!!!!
  3. by   CNA2bRN13
    The fall nursing schedule is up now; you can't register or anything yet, but maybe that means that they are about to let people know! Just grasping at straws now...Maybe I'm getting desperate?? LOL
  4. by   tvmoore5
    haha....I completely understand!! I feel like I am going out of my mind waiting!
    I emailed the adviser today to see if they knew when we would find out...I, too, am drawing
  5. by   lpr0711
    Oh yay, hopefully she will write back soon. Although, I emailed her to ask when orientation would be if we got in and it took her a week to write back that she didn't know. She said that was decided by the nursing staff. What campus did y'all apply to? And atleast we can now have an idea what our schedule would be like.
  6. by   tvmoore5
    yeah..I figured I would not hear anything from her until after we get a call/letter!!!
    Just drawing straws!
    I applied at the Shelby campus!
  7. by   lpr0711
    Definitely worth a try! I also applied at the Shelby campus.
  8. by   CNA2bRN13
  9. by   teejazzy2
    Shelby.. day and night
  10. by   teejazzy2
    Hey ladies i heard that the advisors register the students for classes every semester once they are accepted into the program.
  11. by   dreamer2013
    Me too, Shelby campus.

    I'm trying to knock out some of the stuff that they'll have on their list at orientation.
    I've already signed up for the CPR class for July 9th. It's free for Hoover residents at the local fire dept. if anybody is interested.

    Does anybody know if they'll be using the same textbooks as spring semester?
  12. by   teejazzy2
    is the cpr class a one day class? If so home many hours does it normally last?
  13. by   teejazzy2
    not sure about the books