Is there a such thing as "set schedules" in nursing programs?

  1. Hi everyone! This my first post to the forum, although I have been reading posts for weeks. I am SERIOUSLY looking into nursing school. I ultimately want to become an RN, but right now I don't mind going to LPN school if necessary. I have 3 small children (a 3-year-old son and 10-month-old twins). I am wondering is there is a such thing as a nursing program with a schedule that would allow me to know exactly what hours I will be in school, hours of labs, and clinicals. Since I am an at-home mom and we cannot afford daycare, my husband would have to watch the children when he is off. I have looked into Herzing College's (in Bham) LPN program, but no one can give the exact hours of labs and clinicals. I am looking into Evening programs, but due to my husband working it has to work with his schedule. Is it possible to get an AS in pre-nursing online in Alabama and transfer to a four-year university? Thank you everyone in advance for your help!

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    Unfortunately, I've never met a nurse who didn't complain about the lack of a schedule in nursing school. I have never heard of one with set hours/schedules. Things can even change as little as the day before a clinical or lab. I've attended two nursing programs (LPN and RN) Everyone in both complained about childcare and scheduling issues. In LPN the instructors decided on times for everything for you, but like I said things could change the day before or week of something. In RN we were told we had a choice for clinical and lab times--but that only meant that 120 people fought to either get to the computer to sign up first or get to the registrars office--some even skipping class to be where they needed to be to get first pick (which by the way is not looked upon kindly by instructors). This may sound extreme to some, but my husband and I were engaged when i started my last year of rn clinicals. We moved up the date to christmas break so that I could cut my hours from 40 biweekly to per diem shifts (which means I lost all benefits/health insurance at my job), but I was covered by his since we were married. I know it sounds like a crazy reason to move a wedding up but I knew I couldn't lose health insurance and I knew I couldnt plan any work hours with school being so unpredictable.
    I'm not saying a school with a definite schedule doesn't exist--but I suggest saving up money and waiting if that's what you need to do until you can afford childcare and be available for school, whatever hours it may require. Programs and instructors are not interested in your home/family obligations.
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    The school I go to we have classes 8-12 M-W and 8-1 either TH of Fri.
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    I am currently enrolled in the LPN program at Herzing - and no, there is no set schedule. For example, our Foundations of Nursing class was on the schedule for W & F, 8-2, with a clinical scheduled as TBD. Our first day of class in Foundations they let us know that they were ADDING an additional day for skills, so we have class on M-W-F from 8-2, our group was so large that they split us into three different groups and two clinical sites...some have clinicals on Tuesday, and some on Thursday, from 7-3. We also have 2 other classes from 2-4 on M-W. So, no, there is no set schedule...we've had several students that had childcare scheduling conflicts and had to drop out. I feel your pain, but I don't know of any program that fits your requirements...Virginia College has a night RN program, but won't receive their accredidation unti their first graduating class successfully passes the NCLEX-RN, and their first graduating class doesn't graduate until next year...and they are even more expensive than of luck to you though!