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Ok, so I was wandering through our lovely states forum, and I couldnt find an intro page.... So............... thought Id make one! I have been a nurse for almost 12 yrs, currently work in CCU in... Read More

  1. by   SDA3694
    Such a dumb question, I know BUT when you apply for your Alabama license DO you have to do that by paper or can EVERYTHING be done online and when you do that do you need WAIT for some sort of comfirmation in order to PAY pearsonvue or do you only wait for the confirmation to schedule the test? I just wanted to ask those who have been through this process rather than throwing $300 out the wiondow since there are no refunds!
  2. by   RJW123
    any graduates of St Margaret's Hospital School lf nursing class of 1965?
  3. by   RJW123
    that was in Montgomery Al for grad of class of 1965 of St margarets hospital school of nursing,
  4. by   littleone07
    [FONT="Tahoma"]my names is Heather. i recently got accepted to jeff state (jefferson campus). im engaged to my best friend! he will be going for a masters in teaching. i want to specialize in cardiology :heartbeat. i live in trussville. i moved here in 2007 from south florida. im very excited to talk with all of you! and i hope to learn a lot from this website!
  5. by   Fink
    Just found you! I have also been a nurse for 12 years...Med/surg, ER, ICU, and some hospice. I work at Andalusia Regional in south Alabama in a small ICU that is probably more like a MICU at your facility. I have 5 children...(2 Marines, 1 Airman, 1 in Law enforcement, 1 Nurse).
  6. by   mmulligan23
    I am a brand new RN...and so proud to put those initials behind my name. I am 29 and the mother of 3 beautiful little girls (10yrs, 5yrs, and 2yrs old) who are just as proud of my accomplishment as I am. My husband's job has just moved us to the Huntsville, AL from South GA, and am looking for my first RN job (which is much harder than I anticipated). I used to work as a patient care tech in an ICU/IMCU/CCU unit and I loved it, but more than anything I just want to be a nurse. I haven't gotten a single response to any of my applications, so any helpful hints or contacts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. by   vinsonbm
    Hi, Just thought I'd pick back up on this thread.
    My name is Brandy and I am about to start lpn school! I am a mom to three and I am finally able to pursue my nursing career!
  8. by   Herzing Student
    I have a quick do you pay for lpn to rn school if your undergraduate loans are used up?
  9. by   Terra_Firma
    Hey all, my name is Chuck. I graduated from the Drake LPN college program on May 10, 2012. I just took my NCLEX boards exam less than 12 hours ago. Anxiously awaiting the results, if the Pearson trick is actually tru and can be trusted then I passed.