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Hello all over the great state of Alabama to all you nurses and students out there! I found this site the other day and was so pleased to see there was a place for AL nurses/students to post. ... Read More

  1. by   CardioTrans
    I graduated from CACC before it was actually CACC.... the nursing school was at the hospital in Sylacauga. There have been lots of staff changes since I went there, but while I was there we had a fairly good staff. Now when I was in the LPN program EXCELLENT staff of instructors.
  2. by   shannmoose
    i am currently at jeff state. i have been there for 2 years. i am also trying to get in to the nursing program but have decided that i am going to go to uab. i was going to go through jeff state program but i have taken the pax test 2 times and cannot make a 50 about my verbal. i know alot of people who are at jeff state and cannot make it in. i finished all my pre req for jeff state and i am now working on the pre req for uab. i got accepted to uab and will be attending in the spring and i am able to apply in the summer for the nursing program. my advice go ahead and take the pre req. for uab just in case because i wish i would have.

    Quote from 2boyzmom
    Hello all over the great state of Alabama to all you nurses and students out there!

    I found this site the other day and was so pleased to see there was a place for AL nurses/students to post. It's interesting to read and discuss certain topics that affect us locally and share experiences.

    Anyway, my name is Stephanie, I live in the Birmingham area, married mom w/ 2 little boys (6 & 2 yrs old) and am registering for my pre-reqs this fall and would love take the PAX this fall as well and apply to start the nursing program Spring '05. My quick question was really just out of curiosity; did anyone here (or do you now) attend Jeff State? I will be starting there for my AD and plan to move on to UAB, eventually would love to get a MSN but for now am still trying to get my brain back in college mode. LOL I was just wondering if any of you would be at Jeff State with me and how you like(d) it there. My brother is a nurse at UAB in the critical intensive care burn unit; he's been at UAB for about 10 yrs or so now. He started at Jeff State but wound up going to UAB and doing it all at once, getting his BSN.

    I've wanted to try nursing since my oldest son was a baby, but something always just got in my way of starting. I've been a SAHM and for the last year did court reporting school (liked it, great career, just not what I felt a passion for doing) and now I am finally going to try nursing school if it's the last thing I do!!!!

    Right now I'm a busy mom so I may not be online a lot but I will be checking in on this board and all of you whenever I can. Those of you that are attending CACC in C'burg are near where I went to high school...8 yrs ago, LOL, but still!

    Thanks for having me here! It's great to "meet" everyone!
  3. by   2boyzmom
    As far as the PAX goes, really the only thing that concerns me is the math so I have ordered study guides specifically for math refreshment. Verbal, reading, English and the like I've always scored off the charts with and very high on my ACT (wish that score still counted). Of course, I plan on studying for all aspects of the PAX!

    My brother went to UAB and has his BSN and has worked at UAB now for many years in critical intensive care units (burn unit right now). The thing he did not enjoy about UAB compared to Jeff (he started there and transferred) was that they really try hard to weed you out. He's very bright but still had to work very hard b/c they expected A's which made pharm class tough for him!

    In a perfect world though I'd like to get the AD done at Jeff State since it's close to home and do the RN to BSN program online through UAB and still work and possibly one day far away if I'm not sick of school, CRNA school.

    GOOD LUCK AT UAB!!! I hope you find it to be all that you'd hoped and more!
  4. by   sdg
    My sister-in-law went to CACC because she also could not get high enough on the verbal to get in at Jeff State. Since I am hopefully going to go into the EMP program at UAB once I graduate I am going to take some of the pre-reqs that Jeff State doesn't require (chemistry) and hopefully I will have less classes to take in the mobility program that way.

    I have heard that the science part of the PAX is the toughest.
  5. by   shannmoose
    i scored really well on both the math and the science portions of the pax test. like in the high 80's but if i could have just got my verbal up.. i think the problem was the actually words not the reading portion. all the practice test i did i scored perfect on the reading part. but not the actually word. i feel that the science is harder than the act but the math is easier. the pax test actually uses things that you would learn in a&p and micro. i think that is why i scored so high on them because the first time i took it was in my last a&p class and the second time i took it i was in micro. like i said i have finished everything for jeffstate i am currently taking inorganic chemistry, us history, and engligh 102. and next year i will contiune to take classes that will transfer to uab and probably take one semester at uab before starting to apply to the program i hope everything works out but at least i will be going for my bachlors instead of my associate and i will fill like i am accomplishing something.

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