How is Huntsville doing?

  1. Hey y'all.. I am in Louisiana and a new LPN. Right after passing NCLEX in May, I see that there are no positions open AT ALL where I live for the last month or so. I have family still in Huntsville and checked for positions in the Hville area and there seems to be job postings there. Anyone in the area know if things are are Okay there for hiring or has there been a decrease in job postings in your area. I am more than happy to relocate. I also noticed that the pay rate was better in Hville also compared to where I am (wonder what the pay rate is for LPN in H'ville if you'd like share) appreciate ya if you feel like sharing.
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    I probably wont be much help but I'll try! I just graduated from an RN program and right now the job market is REALLY rough for us but I did happen to see job listings for LPN's @ St.Vincents Hospital in the Birmingham area which is about an hour and 45 mins from would probably make more in Birmingham too (if you're willing to drive). If you do live in Birmingham, I would definitely think you would have more to do. Just be cautious as to where you look for apartments/etc. What part of Louisiana are you from ....I have been looking there (lol)!!
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    I work at Huntsville Hospital, and as far as I know they aren't hiring anyone, so they say. But we have many jobs openings. Go to:

    Hope this helps!!
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    Appreciate you giving me the link to the hospital.