How do I max earning potential as new grad

  1. I need help from experienced RNs on how i might maximize my salary and earning potential when i graduate as RN in May.

    What is starting pay generally around bham?

    Is it negotiable, do you have to take what they offer?

    What is the highest youve heard someone start out at?

    who offers the highest shift diff, i heard st vincents is $5/hour?

    I need to make as much money as possible as my wife is a stay at home mom so we will be living off my salary only.

    Will i be able to afford a decent house?
    Any other RNs just started out and live off one income? I would love to her from you. Can you afford a house in the $150,000 to 175,000 range?


    If anyone has been successful at negotiating a higher pay rate starting out....please let me know...thanks
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]there generally isn't much room for negotiating pay. you either take what they offer you or go find someone else to offer you more. as a new grad, you won't have as many options. it's probably best to concentrate on getting some good, solid experience under your belt. i know it's unpopular these days, but starting out in med-surg gives you good basic skills that you can then take anywhere you decide to go. as far as maximizing your earning potential right now, there's always overtime. lots and lots of overtime! good luck!
  4. by   focker-male nurse
    thanks ruby vee