Gadsden State Program Question

  1. Just wondering for anyone who has been accepted to Gadsden State RN program or knows someone who has been accepted how long after the deadline to apply did you or they receive notification if they were accepted or not? Thanks to anyone who can help. I'm just nervous about finding out and just curious how long it takes!
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  3. by   shona5514
    I applied for the RN and LPN programs there for Fall 2010. The deadline is not until June 1st and I hear that letters go out in June for acceptance or denial. In the meantime I did apply other schools as well and have so far gotten accepted into the LPN program at Southern State for Summer 2010 but the letters don't go out for the other schools and programs until June. I wil lbegin the LPN program there as the first 2 semesters are the same courses you wold take in the RN program, then if accepeted into an RN program I can just xfer over.
  4. by   NewCareerIHope
    Hey that is great you have been accepted into the LPN program at Southern State. I think Gadsden State RN application deadline is April 15th and I am not sure about the LPN program. I hope the letters come before June! That may be wishful thinking on my part.
  5. by   shona5514
    You are correct April 15 is the deadline for the RN program at Gadsden and I just called and was advised that letters will go out within 6 weeks of the deadline that would mean that we would know by the Memorial Weekend in May at the latest of our acceptance or denial.
  6. by   shona5514
    Also the deadline for the LPN at Gadsden is May 1. We shall see very soon!
  7. by   NewCareerIHope
    Thanks! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later
  8. by   YGPHNM
    Gadsden usually gets their letters out pretty quickly...I got mine in like two weeks after the app deadline.
  9. by   shona5514
    Yeah..two weeks sounds good. We are actually around the two week mark for Gadsden RN program so hopefully we will have some good news soon. That would be perfect for me. Im having my son on May 10 and can use the rest and bonding time before starting a program.
  10. by   NewCareerIHope
    Just wondering if anyone that applied for GSCC if they have found out if they were accepted or not? I haven't received a letter yet.
  11. by   shona5514
    I just opened my letter and I got into the rn program at gadsden state. I had been in the hosp since monday having my son and when I checked the mail today there it was. Let me know if you get in as well. Thnx
  12. by   NewCareerIHope
    Yay!!! I got accepted also!!!
  13. by   shona5514
    Great see you at the orientation. I'm Shona.
  14. by   sajohnston1978
    I'm in the program too. Is anyone going to take 103 or 104 this summer? I'm taking 104.

    I'm Stephanie.