Gadsden State Community College RN Program Summer 17' Applicants

  1. Hello everyone,
    Is there anyone who has applied to Gadsden States RN program? I'm in the process as we speak. Finishing up my admission to the college on this coming Thursday then I'm going to submit my nursing application. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience if any. Don't be shy
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  3. by   denise067
    I plan on applying to Gadsden State's Nursing program for both Summer and Fall; however, I have to wait until the results of my ACT residual come in. Have you taken the ACT and if so, how did you do?
  4. by   Joycelyn1
    I made 19 however I think I only made that because I didn't leave anything blank. I don't ever want to see that test again in life. It's been ten years since I last seen it. The math was my fail I made a 16 on that part. What other schools are you apply too if any?
  5. by   denise067
    I am applying to albany tech, darton state, and several more schools in Alabama...I really want to go to gadsden because it is only an hour away from me. Albany tech and darton state will be my last choices...
    I didn't leave any blanks on the ACT...I also studied some two months before taking the actual exam
    I heard that gadsden accepts a lot of nursing students compared to Darton that accepts on 40 students per term.
    A friend of mine that just got her license told me that it was easier to get into the summer program because not many students apply for summer term...
    I hope that I get at least a 20 on the ACT...
  6. by   Joycelyn1
    Yea Ive been told the same about summer admissions as well that it easier to get accepted. Ive applied to Bevill State as well. I live in Georgia at the moment but I grew up in Tuscaloosa so ill be going back home while in school. Bevill is an 1:15 away from my parents house and Gadsden is like 1:30. I sacrifice the commute to get my degree. I really want to start in the summer because I want to be done 2018 and then I dont want to take any breaks. Im in microbiology now so once I finish that come may I want to go straight into the program......Girl i even hired a tutor for the math part of the teas Im just not good at math simple math yes
  7. by   Joycelyn1
    Hi meant the ACT test not TEAS test. I did take the teas which is alot easier than the ACT to me. I did a tremendous job on the math part of the test test.lbvs
  8. by   denise067
    I totally agree. Looking back, the teas was a whole lot easier than the ACT. I will be commuting to and from school, once accepted. For me the summer is going to be a bit hectic since I haven't taken Micro yet..I will be taking both nursing classes as well as microbiology during the summer. I am just on pins and needles waiting for my ACT scores.
    I am not worried about getting into the program. My thoughts about that is you either make or not. If I don't get in for summer, I will try again for fall.
    Are the requirements for Belville State the same as they are for Gadsden? I may apply there as well.
  9. by   Joycelyn1
    Yes to my knowledge they have the same requirements. I can't think of any differences right off the top of my head but if I do I will surely let you know. Bevill's summer application deadline was March 1. So I have my mom harassing the mail man already lol because I'm getting my letter if in or out at her house.So apply for the fall of course if you still consider.
  10. by   heavenleighb
    I am applying to the summer start program at Gadsden and Bevill. I have a 20 on the ACT and all my prerequisites finished...
  11. by   Joycelyn1
    Hello a gain Heaven. We are determined to be classmates I see lol...I just went to Gadsden on Thursday to apply and attend an admission session. Make sure you go to an admission session because that's to points to your admission score. Tuesday's and Thursday's are from 10am-11am. I have to check and see what time it is on Wednesday's again. Its on their website though.
  12. by   denise067
    I think I will attend one of the sessions before applying to the program...I am hoping to see the both of you this summer. I am still patiently waiting on my ACT scores to come back and with hesitation, I will be applying to both summer and fall.
  13. by   Joycelyn1
    Time is ticking April 1st will be here before you know it.....when did you take the ACT Denise?
  14. by   denise067
    I took the ACT 2 weeks ago..I was told that the scores will available within 3 weeks..They will be available in time to apply for the April 1 deadline. I will be traveling there tomorrow for the info session. I was going to work tonight, but I change my mind. I will go back to work starting tomorrow night. I am just praying that I meet the minimum to apply. If I don't receive an email by the end of the week, I should receive by the end of next week.