Employer taking back job offer do to temporary disability legal?

  1. I went on an interview with a recently sprained ankle and was on crutches. I was completely honest in my progress and hopeful recovery period. I was asked to come back to meet the staff and was offered the job all while on a scooter and crutches during this time. The employer knew it would be a month or so before I could start and said they would wait. I found out it would be longer after an MRI showed a complete ATFL tear. Now I am looking at 6-7 month recovery in a boot cast. The employer is saying they will not wait that long for me and I am a liability to let work there while in a walking boot. Is this legal or discrimination because of my temporary disability?
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  3. by   cpl_dvldog
    It is legal to withdraw an offer of employment until you start your first shift. An offer of employment is always on a contingent basis.
  4. by   caliotter3
    An offer is only an offer. You don't have the job until you work your first shift and that info is entered into the payroll data. Goes along with the employment at will concept.