CNA Course/Certificate

  1. I'm trying to choose the best option to get a NA certification. I've heard that some hospitals/nursing homes will pay for them. I've heard community colleges are cheaper than some Tech schools. Anyone know where or how I can get more information directly on CNA courses in the Bham and Huntsville areas?
    Thank you.
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  3. by   diamondmeadows

    I am not a CNA, so I have not completed any of these programs, and I don't know much about them. I just know that they are out there and thought I would link you to them in case you didn't know about them. These are all in the Huntsville area.

    Red Cross (no price listed; contact number)
    American Red Cross

    Drake State Technical College
    Certified Nursing Assistant

    Calhoun has also started offering CNA classes this semester.
    Calhoun Community College

    I'm not sure about LTCs that will pay for CNA training. Someone else here may know, or you may have to do some digging. Good luck.
  4. by   Gemini84
    Hi. I'm from north Alabama, and I recieved my NA at a local nursing home. It was 4 weeks total training and they pay you an hourly rate while you're in class. Once you get on the floor and get certified, you go up in pay.

    Check out these nursing homes, as they are always advertising for CNA classes:
    Sunbridge Health and Rehab
    Athens Convalescent Center
    Limestone Health Facility (always hiring)
    Valley View Health and Rehab

    Hope this helps you some! Being a CNA was my first job at 18, now I'm 24 and a nursing student.