Calhoun part time ADN program Questions - page 4

Hey Everybody, I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it? Any information would be great. :coollook: Are there any... Read More

  1. by   VSBlonde
    Better learn to love those pants!
  2. by   VSBlonde
    Is everyone getting excited??
  3. by   RedChair
    Ack! Ihave tried to post a reply 3 times!!! I a soooo ready to get this show on the road! I have vaccs except for Hep B done, TB tests done, Uniform - check, Shoes- got today. Need next Hep B, physical/lab work, books,equipment
    (steth, bp cuff, penlight, nurse pak) and to finish CPR course. ummm, I think thats it! Remind me if I have forgotten anything! So in a word- Yes- I am ready and excited! Hey, do you need the nurse pak the first semester? probably. Does the stetthascope need to be double tubing? they didn't say....
  4. by   5LR14
    Good luck everyone!

    @relysh82: You will need the nurse pack, and it doesn't matter about the stethoscope!
  5. by   Jking885
    I received an acceptance letter via email for January 2018, somehow it was in my Spam. I had to reply Friday by 4:00 pm. I replied two days later after finding the email. Will this cause me to forfeit my spot in the program. I have not missed the actually Nursing program mandatory orientation.