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Is anyone applying for Spring? I have never attended Calhoun before and don't know much about the program. Does anyone know what the cutoff is? Any info would be greatly appreciated!... Read More

  1. by   brandycpatton
    Thank you, I never wanted to be overly confident but with 176 pts going in, the mishap was upsetting!

    Anyone here taking the CPR class at Calhoun? If not, where are you taking it?
  2. by   Griffin123
    I'm probably going to renew it at Huntsville Hospital. Mine expired this year. I think my brother is also going to take it there. I've taken CPR at calhoun when I took my EMT-B courses over there. This is just my opinion, but I didn't learn nearly as much as when I took it at Huntsville Hospital's Corporate University.
  3. by   Sherrybaby412
    Hi ladies. I just happened to run across this board. I too am in the Spring nursing program at Cahoun. I took the CPR at Calhoun. HYbrid class. Lessons and test online. Meet once for 1.5 hours depending on amount of people. Took 2 weeks for my card to be ready for pickup. Easy peasy.
  4. by   Sherrybaby412
    Brandy glad they got your grades cleared up.
  5. by   Griffin123
    On one hand I think I would be the world's ugliest lady (you know, my first name being Jason and all....) on the other hand I guess it would be cool to get free drinks on lady's night.
  6. by   Sherrybaby412
    Sorry Jason. How about glad everyone got in
  7. by   brandycpatton
    Jason, Ladies night is overrated- you're not missing anything

    I was looking into the Red Cross and Huntsville Hosp. for CPR classes...I think the Red Cross offers a hybrid course but is that accepted for this Nursing Program?
  8. by   Griffin123
    I think I recall it being accepted. If I remember correctly the acceptable forms of CPR certification are listed on one of the pages in the packet.

    I'm still not clear on the registration process. Are there different start times (my brother and I chose the regular day program)? Do we register ourselves when the time comes and pick from the available class times or do they sign us up and tell us when to be there for class?
  9. by   brandycpatton
    I'm wondering the same thing, Jason. I've been trying to register thru MyCalhoun but without any luck...I'm going to call tomorrow morning and see what I'm missing. Have you found anything out?
  10. by   brandycpatton
    Looking at the class options for NUR 102, 103 & 104, there is really only one option...I'm starting to feel silly about trying to register myself thru My Calhoun. I'm thinking we will all have the same schedule, with the only difference being Clinicals. I will call this morning and make sure and let you know!
  11. by   brandycpatton
    Just spoke with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) in the Nursing Dept. and we do not register until after orientation on 12/3. At that time we'd meet with an advisor who will walk us thru registration. She said that every semester we will have to meet with our advisor prior to registration so, it will be a process we'll get used too. Hope this helps!
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  12. by   Perrydot7105
    Hey! I've been accepted into the RN program as well, I am from GA, and I am looking for an apartment and roommate possibly. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or know of someone? Thanks!
  13. by   Sherrybaby412
    I have just been trying to register. Thanks for the info. I hope I get the clinicals on Thursday because of my current job. I also noticed there were already three people signed up for the first 102 class ( Thursday clinicals). Wonder how that happened.

    Perrydot I may know someone. Let me know how to contact you.