Calhoun Community College Spring 2018

  1. Anyone applying for the evening program for Spring 18?
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  3. by   JJL618
    Hey there. I've applied to the Fall 2017 program. Hoping I get in.
  4. by   Ss1401
    I have also applied to the Fall 2017 program. Does anyone know how the past 2 semesters went as far as the new point system and ACT scores?
  5. by   Joellenr
    Has anyone heard anything?
  6. by   adhhockenbury
    I am intending on applying for the Spring evening class as well. I'm pretty nervous about the point system and want to know more about the cut off. If anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate it ������������
  7. by   Joellenr
    when is the deadline? I didn't get in for the fall, even though I thought I had enough points
  8. by   adhhockenbury
    I think the application for the evening program is open July 1st through August 31st if I'm not mistaking. Can I ask what the cut off was when you applied? Points wise.
  9. by   Joellenr
    I'm not sure...someone posted it on here, but I can't remember. I was confused because several people who had lower ACT scores than me were accepted...and I had most of the pre-nursing classes. I had figured my points as a couple of points above the cut off. I want to ask someone at the nursing department about it, but I got the impression that they don't want to discuss it much
  10. by   Joellenr
    Just wanted to mention that I just got accepted into the Fall 2017 program! I guess someone dropped out.
  11. by   Keousha
    I will be applying for Spring 18'. Has anyone attended a info session? I went to one last year.
  12. by   JJL618
    Quote from Keousha
    I will be applying for Spring 18'. Has anyone attended a info session? I went to one last year.
    Yes, definitely go to one. You get a point for attending. It's very informative.
  13. by   LawsontoRN
    I will be applying for Spring 2018. I am feeling discouraged though because going by the point system they explained during the info session, I don't believe I will have enough points compared to others. I only have a 19 on the ACT, which is really low. They said some of the points will be determined based on Math 100, ENG 101, Bio 201, and Bio 202. I just transferred to Calhoun and only class I have is ENG 101 to be considered. I am currently taking Bio 201 this summer semester which she said will be counted, but the class is SO condensed that I have a C right now. I feel with my schedule that me taking it this semester was a mistake and will ultimately be the cause of me not having a good chance of acceptance. When I apply, I will not have any expectations of being accepted really. I will more than likely have to retake BIO 201 again and probably retake the ACT later after I finish math to score better so that when I reapply I have a much better chance. Working full time, having two children, and taking a condensed semester so far has been less than successful in my eyes.