Calhoun CC Nursing/ TEAS Results

  1. Hello everyone I'm doing my nursing prereq's at calhoun right now im hoping to get in the nursing program for spring 2012. I've taken Anatomy 1 and got an A. I'm taking Anatomy 2 and currently have an A in the class and expect to recieve an A at the end of the summer semester. I have taken all other prereq's except Microbiology and math I plan on taking these this fall. Im also planning on taking my TEAS test next month and then applying for nursing school once the results come back I just want to know how long it takes for the test scores to come back and find out if anyone is in the same boat as I. Im really excited and really nervous about my application but I'm optimistic about it.
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  3. by   naijausa
    Hey, I am starting full time ADN this fall and as soon as you finish the TEAS test you will get to view your scores right away so you will know immediately if you need to schedule for a retake, if you choose to. The test proctor or test giver said that she has given thousands of tests in various states and no one has ever made a 100 and even a handful of people got in the 90s(not sure if that has changed since the beginning of this year). Basically she said if you get in the 80s or 70s it is not a big deal, that is average. I got As, 1 B and 1 C on one of my prereq w/ a TEAS score in the 70s and got accepted. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. by   rcfj2290
    Thanks for the info. I'm really nervous about getting in but a little less nervous now that you've told me about the TEAS and what to expect.
  5. by   trayeh62
    I was accepted into the ADN program at Calhoun this Fall. I recieved all A's on all the prerequisite classes except Micro, I have not taken it yet. I also recieved one B grade in Comp. I took the Teas test EARLY ENOUGH TO TAKE IT AGAIN BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR ACCEPTANCE! First Teas try, I recieved a 76. I bought the study guide, went over my weak areas and all of the science questions and got an 87.3 the second time, ( which is the 98th percentile of test takers, 87% is a great score! Looks like a B to me but not to Calhoun!). You need to schedule your 1st TEAS early enough ( at least six weeks) so that you can get your first scores ( they will point out your testing weaknesses 30 seconds after you complete the test). Buy a study guide and study then retake the test at least 6 weeks later. I also spoke to a person I had in A&P I at orientation. She made it into CCC's nursing program with a B average on all of her prerequisites and a 67 on the TEAS. As you can see there is a desparity in the scores but we were both accepted. There is no doubt in my mind that my class-mate will be an excellent nurse because she CARES about people. I care about people too and I spent 40 hours a week studying my lessons because I wanted to not only care about my future patients, I wanted to KNOW everything I could about A&P to be able to put things together and help them. You have to decide if you are looking for a JOB or are you passionate about helping people get well, even if you are just changing their bedpans. Good Luck to you.
  6. by   rcfj2290
    Thanks so much for the info im taking the test on August 22 and I'm going to start studying next week at the end of my summer semester. I'm really excited about applying and cant wait to know weather I get in or not.
  7. by   mrspline
    I got a 69.7 on the teas test and had an A in anatomy 1, B in both micro and anatomy 2 and got accepted. To get a good score on the teas test definitely go over the environmental science part of the study guide. Alot of the questions I missed were out of that section. You will do great I can tell you really want this! Good Luck!
  8. by   rcfj2290
    Thanks for the support. I ened up with a B in anatomy 2 I got an 88 I was only two points away from an A. I was so upset to be so close. But I think I'll be ok. I ordered the TEAS V Manual and it will be here soon that gives me a week and a half to study for the TEAS test. Is that enough time?