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    I graduated from nursing school this past December and got my RN in February. I also got my ACLS this month. I haven't been able to find a job yet in California. I'm just sitting around with plenty of time on my hands. I would love to go out to Alabama and volunteer as an RN while helping the storm victims. Would I be able to volunteer as an RN? Would they even have any use for a new grad RN, or do they require experienced RN's? As long as I'm doing something to help people. I heard that you need to find an organization to "sponsor" you. I'm not even sure where to start looking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The best way to know before coming this way is to call the hospital in the area you wish to volunteer and ask. They are asking for help in Tuscaloosa (where I live) but I have no idea about issues with an out of state license. They are also desperate for Spanish interpreters at the hospital. The death toll is climbing each day, over 400 are still missing, and they have treated over 1000 at the two hospitals in our area.
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    Thanks for your response. I would like to volunteer in Tuscaloosa actually. I have a new graduate RN friend who speaks fluent Spanish. If they will allow an out of state license, perhaps we can get out there. What a terrible disaster. I would really like to help.
  5. by   nursefarmgirl
    check with the alabama board of nursing.. they are pretty strict. when Katrina hit, they had people coming in from all over posing as nurses, and that posed a problem. I think you will have to apply for licensure in Alabama.

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