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Hi! I got a lot of information about RN salaries from another thread. What it seems to be, is that around the Bham area, starting salaries are at about $18/hr. My question is, to any of you that... Read More

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    I have a question related to this discussion thread. I hold a bachelor's degree already from a liberal arts college. I am applying for an ADN program. I would prefer to pursue a BSN, but it's just too competitve in Minneapolis for a decent school right now. SO, if I get my ADN--which will cost less, be less competitive for admission and take less time to do than a BSN--will my BA allow me to call myself a BSN "equivalent?" See what I mean? How would I bill myself? Would my BA in theater at least get me a little something somewhere?

    I know this is an old post but in case u r still thinking about nursing, since u already have a BA, why not take an accelerated BSN program? most of them r only 12 -18 months long and you're done. Check out second degree BSN programs on google and u will find a good list of CCNE accredited schools to choose from

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    ADN no a college degree? It stands for Associate "Degree" in Nursing...
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    Hello to all.... I cannot believe some of the posts I have read on this topic ! First off, let me say that I have been an LPN for over 30 years . I hold a PhD in another field and am now trying to decide if I should add RN core so I may sit for the NCLEX . I currently do nursing case management and work with my state on healthcare reform . I am not a trained monkey... I am a nurse with general education who has developed assessment skills at a BSN level from years or experience. Why cant nurses who do not sit in a classroom learn these skills and adopt critical thinking and problem solving in other ways ? I assure you all, they can.

    I have realized that I need more math and science as I majored in Philosophy and Music. So... After all these years, lol... I am finally considering going to get my RN. I have gone online and taken anatomy and physiology practice exams without studying and have gotten A's on most of it... I do need to learn more in depth chemistry principals . This arguing over ADN and BSN seems ridiculous to me. A nurse is compassionate, professional, can see needs and discerns how to meet them. She takes symptoms and can assess possible causes and outcomes by suggesting proper operations of care for each patient. She is familiar with pharmacological agents and can recommend and assess which drugs are needed and if they are effective . She administers treatments as prescribed by a licensed physician and collaborates with him/her to assist in managing patient care.

    I have founded three businesses, worked as an administrator and also a school nurse. I have worked in virtually every setting including ICU. A nurse is not someone who holds a degree, she is what I described above. Although degree's are required to protect patients from improper care it does not pridefully elevate me above those who do not hold them. Show me an LPN, ADN, BSN MSN who operates in the above principals and standards of care with tact and professional abilities... regardless of how she attained them and I will say, not only is she a nurse, she is a GREAT NURSE . Her care and skills are the elements of leadership and a beacon to the other nurses on her team. I do feel education can be an asset but I think the social nursing process can be achieved from adequate experience . No nurse is a trained monkey . The professor who made that statement is prideful.
    I mostly agree with your post. I don't feel I should have to sit in classes to become an LPN. If I could take and pass the NCLEX-LPN why should I be required to take unnecessary classes? I just spent 8 years as a Navy Corpsman, 5 of which I was an Independent Duty Corpsman. That means I did assessments, prescribed meds, sutures, IV's, Foley's, etc. because there was no doctor within miles of me, sometimes hundreds of miles. I have completed all of the core classes for a BSN as well as a PA. Even with all of my experience I cannot even work as an LPN during school, only a very low paying CNA/PCT.