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    I will be graduating in May of 2013 and I am really interested in working at Brookwood Hospital, but I cannot seem to find any detailed information about there salary and benefits. I was just curious to know what the starting salary was, how much will they put forth on student loans, and how much do they match whenever you sign up for 401K? Thanks for the help
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  3. by   bernikitty
    hey, if you do your preceptorship there you will have a good shot at getting a job offer, but they make you sign a contract promising to work for them for 2 years. they also want you to begin working towards a BSN if you don't already hold one. i don't know the specific regarding pay, but can tell you that i was told that pay was a reason that alot of nurses left brookwood.

    it's very tough getting a job right now in the birmingham area, that is why it's really important to try an hussle for a job offer during your preceptorship. brookwood has a reputation for hiring new grads and making students who precept with them job offers. i wish i had done my preceptorship with them in hindsight. i'd have a job right now, instead of struggling to stay affloat.

    my advice is that if you don't have a job offer by graduation, plan to go ahead and enroll in a BSN or MSN program. at least you'll have some fin. aid funds to help you stay afloat till you get hired.
    best wishes and good luck.
  4. by   nicurn426
    Brookwood starting new grad is the same as everywhere else in the area. Benefits are good. The 401k matching is 50% for up to 3% of contributions. They pay a lot toward student loans, (I want to say say up to 25,000) but that could have changed. They also will pay for you to go back to school. I really enjoy working at Brookwood.
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    Starting New grad pay**
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  7. by   brkwoodnurse
    Whatever you do do go to work in the NICU! It is a hostile work place. The unit head is on her way out, she should be gone by the end of summer 2013. If you can wait until then, that's what I'd do.