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Hi all, I am starting to think about CACC Childersburg as a backup plan if I do not get into Jeff State. Just wondering -what do you all think of the program? -What is your schedule like the... Read More

  1. by   CardioTrans
    It has been awhile since I went there, but I do know the instructor who passed away. She had been there for years.... all of us that knew her were shocked and saddened.

    The one who is/was feared the most (or was when I was there).... have a nickname of "Stormin"???? If it is the same one, I had her in LPN school, before she made the transition to the RN program. I had her in class for 3 semesters in LPN school and all 3 semesters of clinicals. Oh man was she hard!!! I did the LPN, then LPN-RN program. I learned more from her in LPN school than I ever did in the RN program. She is a true asset to the RN program!
  2. by   Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    Oh yes "Stormin Norman" is still there as an adjjunct i think. She had gone to work at a military hospital for a while, and i think she came back last semester, or maybe the one before. She doesnt do RN anymore that i know of..i know she does a lot of clinicals for LPN. I have never had her. I heard she was extremely hard and demanding, but that she was also a great teacher. I was always horrified of Mrs. Grice, and never had her until this semester. I love her! I have learned so much from her, and only wish that i had more time with her. I am still scared of cardiac, but she is helping me be a little more at ease. After you graduated, where did you go from there, where are you at now, and when did you graduate??
  3. by   CardioTrans
    I had her in 93. Matter of fact, it was the same time of the huge snow storm that we had. We had t-shirts made up just for her "I survived the 'Storm' of 93"

    She was wonderful. Clinicals were HARD with her... you could be going down the hall, she was talking to another student.... asking questions.... then you would hear your name called....and the question come at you...... "Why is morphine sulfate the drug of choice for an MI?"........... "what are the side effects of labetolol?"...... on and on all day long. We had a math test EVERY morning before clinicals....... clinicals started at 6 am, and we stayed until everyone was finished... we usually left clinicals around 6 at night.

    In the classroom....... she would post transparencies with notes on them........then she would add so much more to them just talking.... was nothing to take 20-30 pages of notes in one area of class. Classroom was from 730-5 .

    I went to work straight out of RN school at Children's in PICU. It was not my cup of tea and I mostly done adult Cardiac ICU ever since.

    She was the most amazing instructor I have ADN, BSN and even in the MSN classes I have taken..... no instructor has even come close to her.
  4. by   Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    WOW. And i thought we had it tough!! I am just worried that everything will come crashing down here at the end and i will make some really bad mistake and mess everything up.

    I had thought about doing PICU at Childrens, but i dont know if i can deal with that. I have been in there and I think i would enjoy it, I just dont know. I also have really enjoyed adult ICU, although I hate cardiac! So, we will see!

    I have also thought about doing my bachelors, maybe entering in the summer or fall, and then possibly my masters..i just havent decided yet. I dont want to get in too far over my head and be miserable. I am still weighing those options. I dont want to teach, I know that. And i am not really that into management. I like bedside nursing, so other than the pay, i am not really sure what else i can do with a higher degree, while managing to stay around the bedside. Any ideas