Anyone attending or attended Troy University Montgomery ADN Program

  1. Can anyone tell me about Troy University in Montgomery, ADN Program?
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  3. by   DUECSON
    What type of information are you looking for? I am applying to the BSN program in Troy and also am planning on taking a couple of classes at the Montgomery campus beginning on Oct. 16. Which program are you interested in? Go onto and choose Montgomery campus nursing program. The LPN-RN program takes two yrs to complete and you must take the NET.
  4. by   DUECSON
    Hi, I am planning on taking a couple of classes Oct 16 at TU Montgomery campus. For the LPN-RN program it takes 2 years to complete. You must also take the NET Exam. Go to, choose the montgomery campus or go to the academic(nursing) and it will have all the information you need. I graduated with my BS Psychology from Troy. They are a very good school. I just applied to there BSN program, the drive would be 2 hours and i'm not sure if it is what I really want to do.(the drive that is) I am a wife of 16yrs and I have three boys at home ages 11,8,6. My 21 yr old is married and on his own. I'm weighing my option. I also applied to Southern Union and Wallace. I got accepted in Wallace for the LPN-RN program in Aug., but had a death in the family.
  5. by   ASN24
    i am and my recommendation is if you plan to finish in 2 years, pick a different ASN program. there are very few who make it through without repeating at least one class. so far i have been lucky, but graduation is in a few weeks and the senior class has 39 people, there is probably 10 or less that are actually passing the theory
  6. by   csmith19413
    I GOT ACCEPTED! I start in Jan 2007.
  7. by   tiff82
    I got accepted also! Starting Jan. 2007. I live in Atlanta so I will be moving next month to get adjusted!!!!
  8. by   alabama
    For those of you starting in Jan 07, what prereqs do you already have under your belt? Thanks!
  9. by   csmith19413
    I have completed all my prereqs and could start my clinicals in January, but because I have to transition my family from Atlanta to Alabama I will start in the fall of 07. I very excited! Are you in the program?
  10. by   alabama
    No, Not yet. I graduated from college MANY years ago in an unrelated field and I am just starting back to school, taking some prereqs in January. I hope to start in a year, at the earliest. (I also live in Atlanta, but Im from Montgomery so this is my first choice as I have support from familiy there) Im trying to find out if TSUM will accept online coursework for prereqs such as A&P, as this is my best option while I continue to work full time for a little while longer. Where did you complete most of your prereq work?
  11. by   csmith19413
    That's is so funny, I am also from Montgomery, and have family there as well. I have found that TSUM is very liberal in the class that they accept. I had classes from allover the place! I went to three different universities before I finished my undergrad degree. But they did accept all the courses from my transcript as long as you make a C or better in those classes. I also had some course online. I can understand about working longer that is certainly my plan, before relocating to AL in July. When I start the program I don't want to work a fulltime job while in the program. Well I wish you the best of luck in completing your prereqs.
  12. by   alabama
    Does TSUM requre the NET preadmission exam if you already have a college degree?
  13. by   tiff82
    If you already have a degree you will not have to take the NET exam. I didn't!