Anyone Applying to Calhoun Fall 2009

  1. Is anyone applying to Calhoun for Fall 2009? I'm taking two classes this spring and hope to have enough points to get in Fall 2009. If there is anyone else out there that is doing the same, I'd love to hear from you.
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  3. by   Amy3901
    Hi, I am not applying to Calhoun for Fall 09, but i am currently attending Calhoun and have applied to UAH for Fall 09. I just wanted to wish you good luck!
  4. by   GloryBee00
    Thanks a lot. Good luck to you too! I'm taking two classes this spring and applying for this Fall.
  5. by   Amy3901
    What classes are you taking this spring?
  6. by   GloryBee00
    Hi, I'm taking A & P 1 and Psy 210. Would you recommend A & P II or Microb. for the summer, or is that just too much in a shorter period of time. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!
  7. by   Amy3901
    Ok... I am also taking A & P 1 and Psy 210 this spring. I have Sara Sayle (online class) for Psy 210, and Pradhan for A & P 1.

    I am taking A & P 2, and Micro. in the spring... I hope it is not too much too fast, because I have to complete those to go to UAH's nursing program in the fall!!
  8. by   GloryBee00
    I have Sara for Psy too and Brown for A & P 1. Your going to have a lot of labs aren't you! It's probably better to take them now than in the summer (too short.) I wish you the best this semester. If you have any questions about Psy or A & P, feel free to post. I hope there will not be a lot of extra work with the on-line class, just to keep us busy
  9. by   Amy3901
    Oops... I meant A & P 2 and Micro in the summer. lol So yeah I am going to have a lot of labs in a short time!! Pray for me haha!!
  10. by   Amy3901
    I talked to my A & P teacher today to see what she thought about taking A & P 2 and Micro together and she thought it was a great idea. She said A & P 1 is the harder of the two and working with them together would be fine. So I feel better about my course load for this summer.
  11. by   GloryBee00
    That is good to know. I'd like to take A & P II or Micro this summer. It would be good to get two out of the way this summer. Hope your classes are going well. It's been keeping me pretty busy this week. I should have read my Psy chapter before we started!
  12. by   beach_bride514
    Hey! As of right now, I am planning to apply to the Calhoun's nursing program for fall 2009. I am still in high school, so i'm going to take an anatomy and math class during the summer after I graduate....I know my chances of getting in are very very slim, but i've talked to at least 3 people who are in it and they said it wasn't impossible...

    ha, we'll see..

    best of luck
  13. by   GloryBee00
    Good Luck with your application. I'm already taking Anatomy & Phys. 1. I heard that A & P 2 is easier than 1, but we will see about that! I might try A & P 2 this summer or Microbiology. I haven't taken the Compass yet, but I guess I should soon. I'm a little nervous about that. I'm also trying to get good grades in the two classes I'm taking now.
    It seems like a lot of work right now. The chapters are packed with tons of information to memorize! Let me know how its going for you, when you get a chance. Take Care
  14. by   beach_bride514
    Thank you for the reply!

    So are you already in the nursing program?